Best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine!

Whenever you are sick or need any health advice you always need to consult doctors, but because of the social distancing, they are not able to reach people. There is absolutely no need to be in trouble.  You can also consult doctors connected to the top hospitals in the country from your mobile and can also make online appoint. Here are Best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine.

Best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine?

Due to rainy weather, it is very common that people having more or fewer health problems but the problem is that doctors are unable to meet due to the social distancing.  It is possible that the clinics around you are also closed or you may not even want to go due to fear of Pandemic.

In such a situation, if you fall ill and need counseling for primary care, then you can not only get online advice from the doctors associated with the top hospitals of the country but also book the appointment and ask for medicines online.

Arogya Setu

This app is being downloaded in large numbers as advised by the government of India. In just four days, it has been downloaded over one crore. The government has regulated this app to get rid of coronavirus and its symptoms.

With this help, it will be easy for you to know whether you have ever been in contact with any coronavirus infected person. This application gives you the facility of check-up so that  You can find out if you are also infected. This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It has the support of 11 languages.

Practo-Book Doctor Appointment and Consult  Online

In today’s situation, if you do not find good doctors around you, then with the help of practo like a platform you can still consult a doctor. With the help of this, you can not only book online appointments, but online counseling can also be taken.It is best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine.

According to the company, more than 80 thousand doctors and surgeons are connected to this platform. Here doctors can be consulted 24×7.  Users can view the profile of doctors and also read the feedback related to them.

Here, users can privately chat with doctors and share their health-related problems.  Not only this, online booking of Covid-19  related testing can also be done from the lab here. Apart from this, it is also offering the facility to collect samples from home.  If you want to order medicine online, it can also be done here. You can download this app for Android and iOS.

M Fine-Consult Doctor and Book Health Test

M Fine Novakura has created this Doctor Consult App. Without leaving home you can consult here experience and skills a doctor online.  Here more than 25 types of expert doctors can be consulted through chat, audio, and video call.

You can speak with the doctor in both Hindi and English languages.  Additionally, you can also book health checkups from home.  The first consultation fee on this platform is Rs 99.  Health checkups are also discount up to 60 percent.

In addition, this platform also allows for free sample pick-up.  Here is a separate section for COVID 19, where in addition to safety associated with the coronavirus, the government helpline, nearby test centers can be tracked as well as infection of the COVID-19 in your area.  This app is available for Android.

DocsApp-Consult Doctor Online 24 ° 7On Net Call

With the help of this platform, online doctors can also be connected to discuss your health problems

You can also share with doctors through chat or through private video calls on this Best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine.

Here doctors will be associated with the top hospitals of the country.  There is an option of ‘Talk to Doctor’ on its home page.

There is also a facility to talk to doctors at 60 percent fewer fees. Additionally, users can also receive a digital prescription. Here facility Booking of labs for the test is also given.

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Librate-consult a doctor

This is also a popular platform to consult doctor  The company claims that this more than one lakh doctors and pathology labs are associated with this platform.

Here questions related to health and fitness can be asked for free, the answer will be given by the doctors in a few minutes.  A specialist doctor can be consulted here.

You can share your health-related problems through text chat or audio-video with doctors.  Home pickup facility has also been provided from some big cities of the country for lab test. You will also get the latest information about the pandemic .  It can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

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Here’s how it works:

He has to register his phone number to use it.  OTP will be sent as soon as you enter the phone number, which is registered as soon as you enter.  Here you are asked for some personal information.

After this, you will also have access to some of your GPS location. You will have to keep the location and Bluetooth on, only then it will work. The app also lists the help center numbers of the coronavirus.  Also, you can do a self-assessment in it.  It also has the option to choose its own language.

How to buy medicines online?

If you can’t get out of the house and need medicines, then you can use the online medicine platform best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine, where you can easily upload the prescription get delivery medicines.

Here are the best Online Pharmacy app works for the delivery of online medicine

1 MG

After reviewing Best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine.This is an online pharmacy platform from where you can order Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, etc. online.  Medicines are delivered in 1,200 cities in the country. From here, you can consult the doctor online with lab tests, booking of health makeup. This app is for Android, iOS.


It is also an online healthcare platform.  You can also order medicines online from here. It covers more than 2,500 cities and 25,000 pin codes.

Apart from this, the doctor can also be consulted online here. If you want you can also book labs through this.

Things to keep in mind before using online Medical and Medicine apps

Before consulting a doctor online on any platform. Do check the profile of doctors.

The doctor can be consulted through weight, audio, and video. To chat in Hindi, English, etc. languages ​​facility is also available.

Get the facility of  If a test is required during the treatment, there is a facility to collect the samples from home.

Doctor fees are usually less than clinics on online platforms it occurs. Discounts are also offered during a consultation for the first time on many platforms.

Doctors have the facility to send a prescription via email, from which you can purchase medicines.  If the medicine is purchased from an online platform, then there is also a need to upload the prescription.

Generally, such platforms are more useful for primary care, in case of emergency, it is better to go to hospital.

These above are the Best apps for Online Doctor Consulting and Medicine

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