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Best Audiobook apps for iPhone and Android

If you are troubled by loneliness or hearing negative news and you are looking for some positivity then you Can listen Best Audiobook apps . If you do not feel like reading, then you can also listen to books in this era of technology. Free Best audiobook apps  are available on many platforms, where instead of reading favorite books you can listen it too.

Here all Best AudioBook apps are a good medium to overcome despair and loneliness. A good book not only enriches your mind, but it also makes you feel relieved. Reading is a passion for many people, while there are some people who sleep by reading a book.

Today is such a time that you may not be able to focus too much on reading the book. In such a situation, listening to an audio book can be an easy option to explore a book in an interesting way.

Most people in the internet media and runaway life do not get time to sit to read the book, but the special thing about audio books is that you can listen to it while riding a cab or while working from home or office. all below Best Audiobook for apps  can also be tried to read favorite books.


Best Audiobook apps  for Positivity in 2021 | Top 5 Audio Book apps



This is the popular audio book app, which claims to host the world’s largest audiobooks. You can download this app for free. However, membership is necessary to use it. By the way, here you also get 30 days free trial to stream audio book for free.

If you are prime member  of Amazon , then you can take a 90-day free trial. It has a large range of popular fiction and non-fiction books in the audiobook app. Spiritual and children’s books are also available here. The good thing is that you can download and listen to best sellers and classic audiobooks on your device anywhere and at any time.

It has more than two lakh audiobooks in Hindi and English. This app is similar to Padcast. It can also be used as education and learning tools. If anyone has trouble reading, it is also useful for them.

This Best AudioBook apps allows downloading of audiobook for offline listening. If you want, you can control the streaming speed here.


Scribed-Audio and eBooks


Millions of people are connected to this platform. You will be able to access unlimited number of audiobooks, books, magazines, music sheets, artkills etc. Audio books must be signed-up to listen. If you want, you can take a 30-day free trial here.

After creating an account on Scribed, you can select any audiobook from the catalog available and then start listening to it. One can listen to books related to Crime, Business, Level, Non-Fiction, Fiction  etc. with audio books related to personal growth.

However, like other audio book apps, it also lets you control sleep timer and speed. Audio book for offline listening.It Can be downloaded.



This is also a great audio books platform. The app has a large number of audio books for listening with user friendly datebase. There are over 24,000 free audio books and over 75,000 premium audio books available here.

There are hundreds of volunteers who record, edit etc. audio books for you. Here you get the facility to browse based on the title, author or genre of the books. It comes with a sleep timer and has bookmark facility. You can listen to or save as many audio books as you want.

It also supports Android Auto and Google Cast. You can download and listen to the books of your choice. Here you are not charged any kind of fee.

In this Best audiobook apps, books from different categories are also available in Librivox  library. There are many books here, with which there is no problem of copyright.



This is also a popular app, where you can access thousands of audio books. This app also allows you to search for audio books and download them for offline access.

The good thing is that you can easily switch between listening and reading modes. While listening to audio book, its speed can be controlled according to its convenience.

In this, you also get features like setting sleep time and snooze. The app also has Kids Mode and comes with a library of children’s books. The app is child friendly.

In this, you can download books to listen offline. You can take 14 days of free trial to listen to audio books. Must sign-up for membership.

This is also a popular audio book website. However, its Android and IOS app is also present. Here you can get over 2.5 lakh premiums and over 10,000 free audio books. You must subscribe to access premium audio books. You can browse and listen to books by title.

You can listen around free 100 million podcast episodes on this platform. With its library, you can stream audio books related to fiction, crime, mystery, thriller, politics, history, health and wellness etc. There is also a facility to download books for offline listening.


Best Audiobook apps for kids | Top 3 Audiobook apps for Kids


Epic-Kids Books


This is a big platform for children with audio books and e-books. There are more than 35,000 books related to children in this audiobook apps for kids. Apart from books, learning videos, quizzes etc. will also be found here.

Also, Graphics Novel, Non-Fiction Audio books related to children Books, educational books etc. can also be read. Children who like listening rather than reading a story can help audio books Can take. There are a lot of audio books based on different themes in this audiobook apps for kids.

The good thing is that the Best Audiobook apps for kids is that here You can personalize, that is, it also advises you to read the books of your choice. This platform 2 to 12 year of  children.



Children like Panchatantra, Jataka and Classic stories very much. To listen to favorite stories Balagatha Padcast can also be taken help. It has been developed keeping in mind the bed time story of children.This is best audi book apps for Kids

Every week Panchatantra and Jataka tales are added to it, which take you to the magical world of stories. The good thing is that  audio book for kids can also be heard on WhatsApp. It is available on Apple Podcast.



For children who like stories in English language, this audiobook app for kids can be a better option. All the way over here Stories will be found. It features original fairytales, classic eye, world, education, poem and music Jazz categories for stories. The stories can be heard by choosing them to your liking.

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