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Best Free Yoga apps for weight loss

Yoga plays a big role in keeping your body healthy.  With this, you can not only avoid many types of diseases but can also be relieved from the increasing mental depression in today.  If you want to know about the right technique to Yoga from your home with help of your gadget, it can also be found online.


Those who are suffering from Mental health issue, loneliness, and other physical and menta Depression, Boredom, Yoga can become a new way of life for people struggling with difficulties.


If you have not adopted yoga in your life, then take a pledge to do it today, because the whole world including India promoting yoga for better health and well being of people.


If you are thinking that how can different yoga asanas be done properly, then there is no need for the help of yoga instructors for this, because now the famous yoga trainer of the country and the world, YouTube, and other mediums.


Also available to the people through.  If you want, you can also take the help of videos along with Best Free Yoga apps,social sites, etc. to learn yoga.

Best Free Yoga apps for weight loss

Nowadays a lot of yoga-related Best Free Yoga apps have also come up. With their help, you can try different yogas at home:


Daily Yoga-Yoga Fitness Plan


Useful for yoga and meditation.  Its specialty is that it has Detailed information is given about more than 500 asanas over 70 yoga programs and over 500 guided yoga

It can be used for relaxation, body detox weight loss, etc.  Also, get here updated yoga classes and programs here HD videos is available to see.

You can take online coach guidance for meditation. This is applicable for Android devices.


Pocket Yoga

There are about 27 different sessions in this app and you can choose the default level according to your choice.

Details during yoga sessions Voice and visual construction will continue to be available.  It has beautiful illustrations of different postures.

Detailed information is also given about the benefits of this. During the yoga practice, Quick Preview  can also see whether the related yoga is for you or not. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Yoga Studio

This is also an easy app to learn yoga in this categary of Best free yoga apps . It has 80 unique yogasanas. and beautiful HD videos of meditation classes are given. You can choose 5 to 60-minute classes according to you.

It is for everyone from beginner to intermediate to intermediate and advanced. The good thing is that you can customize the classes according to your need.  It is also available for Windows with Android, iOS.

Best Videos social media page for Yoga

Yoga page for Instagram

If you do not want to download any apps of YouTube channel for people, then you can follow Yoga Guru on Instagram. You can follow some Instagram account for Meditation Guide.

@sjanaelise: If you want to learn Yogasan from certified yoga gurus, you can follow this Instagram account.  How do you do yoga underwater in it? Information will also be available.

@yogabeyond: If you want to try different types of rugs during yoga, then you can visit this account.  Here you will find information on ‘Acrovinyasa’.  Yoga of this style can be done alone or with a partner

@the_healthlete: if you feel yoga only Can be between the beaches or nature, then you can visit this account.  Mia Cane Certified There are yoga instructors in crowded areas, Skypers  Poses yoga.etc.

@traveling_yogigirl Similar to the name of this account, Melanie shoots and posts yoga poses during travel. Melanie also encourages women and mothers to love themselves and asks them to come forward for yoga.

Best Youtube Channel for Yoga

Swami Ramdev

When it comes to Best Free Yoga apps for weight loss and video , Baba Ramdev has played a big role in taking it from door to door in India.  He has done yoga to connect people.  This is the reason why Baba Ramdev’s Youtube channel for yoga is also very popular.

The channel has more than 5 million subscribers.  If you want to learn yoga, what better platform can there be?  On their YouTube channel, there are separate sections for diseases as per Yoga, Karo Yoga Raho Nirog, and Yoga Pose and Asanas.

With its help, you can learn techniques of different types of yogas sitting at home along with yoga to get rid of diseases.  If you have not started doing yoga till now, videos on this channel can inspire you for this.

If you want to know more about it Please visit :


Gayatri Yoga

If you believe in doing Powerful Yoga, then the Gayatri Yoga Youtube channel for yoga should be tried.  There are many types of yoga classes for beginners.  After this, it would be better to move to intermediate or advanced yoga.


The special thing about this channel is that the yoga classes here are about one hour long.  In this, you get information about almost every kind of yoga technique.  There are many options like Fat Burn Yoga, Weight Loss Yoga, Wakeup Yoga, Bedtime Yoga, Intex Yoga, etc.


Yoga can be done according to the situation and convenience. With this, users can also take advantage of power yoga, configuration yoga, yin yoga, prenatal classes, etc. here.  Yoga can also help you to overcome stress and tension but proven effective  in this best yoga apps for weight loss.


Yoga Journal


If you are practicing yoga at home and need guidance for this, then You can visit the YouTube channel for yoga called ‘Yoga Journal’.  Here Yoga Journal shares about yoga rugs and benefits arising through this channel.


He has more than 15 years of yoga experience. The special thing of this channel is that different rugs can be learned here from many other yoga gurus.  Information related to what precautions should be taken during which posture, will also be found here.


Boho Beautiful

This is the top yoga YouTube channel for yoga.  Here you will find short videos related to yoga, which will be easy for you to try at home.  There will also be Motivational tips along with Yoga practice in this category of best yoga apps for weight loss.

This can be a good channel for those who are especially from wellness and Spiritual Mind.  Most of the videos are of  Approx 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 25 minutes.


Yoga with Adriene

This is a very popular Youtube channel for yoga, where you length, skill.  You can choose the yoga posture according to the level, weight loss, back pain, neck pain etc.

It is useful for every category of users, even for those who do not know yoga at all.  It contains yoga videos of all the labels,


Best Yoga pages on Facebook

If you are more active, then you can also follow the Facebook page for yoga-related activity  in addition to Best Free Yoga apps for weight loss.

Yoga International

Yoga related pages and health tips, you can follow this Facebook page.  This page has received over 1.31 million likes on Facebook.

Majhya Yoga

For those who like yoga, there is a lot on this page. Here you can watch 5 minutes of meditation sessions and videos related to yoga, etc. Dedicated programs related to personal growth and spirituality are also here  More than 1.51 million users like it. 

This Facebook page is also very popular. It has got more than 7 lakh likes. Here, there will be stress related to various yoga asanas.

Hope all the above Best Free Yoga apps for weight loss and Best youtube channel for yoga including videos social media page will give information and guide about all yoga benefit

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