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Why Best Health apps for weight loss are needed?

If you do not pay attention to your health despite that you be worried about your health, then here are some Best health apps for weight loss you can take help, which will keep you informed about health.  Today, When everyone is under lockdown and People are not going outside for exercise. To know about Health apps for Monitoring your health give you suggestions to improve your health.

Minor negligence towards your health can take become dangerous later.  In such a situation, one Should become very conscious about health.  For this, you can also take the help of health fitness-related Best health apps for weight loss.  Many such Best health apps for weight loss are available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Best Health apps for Weight loss! | 7 Best free Apps 

Step Tracker app – Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker 

If you want to maintain your fitness, it will tell you how many steps you should run throughout the day.  Its specialty is that it uses built-in sensors technology to count steps.  It does not have GPS tracking, so the battery of the phone also does not have much effect. 

In addition to steps, it also covers the tracks the calories you burn during walking, walking distance and time, etc.  All information related to the activities will be shown in the graph.  The theme of this Best health apps for weight loss is colorful.  

Cardiograph app – Heart Rate Meter

Your Heart rate can be monitored regularly with the help of a cardiograph heart rate meter.  For this, the camera/sensor of the smartphone is used.  You will be able to know the readings of the heart rate in a few seconds.

If you already have a heart-related problem, are still exercising or under stress, then in such a situation, it can prove useful.  Every time you measure the heart rate, you can save it.  This will help in monitoring the heart rate.  

Water drinking reminder app

The season of summer already there. If you are not drinking enough water in the desired quantity in this season. then dehydration has started within your body. To avoid this, you can take the help of this app, which will remind you of drinking water alert on time.

By doing this it is not only hydrated your body but also health also maintains. After downloading from the play store you need to open the app and fill the information about your age, height, and weight.

Depending on your weight it giving you alert about how much water you need to drink every day. When the time comes for drinking water it will remind you.

You need to update to app total drink water by you in a day. Once it becomes your habit. Its health will be in a good position. 

Stop Breathe and Think app

Depression is becoming more common in changing lifestyles. This app can help you recover from depression. Here is mention some of the techniques about how to take breathe.  Also, meditation guides will be available according to feeling and emotion.

Exercising some minute each day according to the instructions given here can help you in staying stress-free.  It also has the facility of self-timer, so that you can check your emotion before and after meditation. 

It has been designed keeping in mind health healing, self-motivation, stress, depression, etc.  

QuitNow! Quit smoking App

As you know smoking is dangerous for health, but its addiction is such that it is difficult for many to quit.  This can be tried to quit smoking.  The specialty of this community-based application is that it has more than 2 million ( 20 lakh)  members who have succeeded in quit the addiction to smoking.  It encourages users to quit smoking through chat.  This tells you when and at what time you tried smoking cigarettes and how often you kept distance from cigarettes.

The good thing to know is how much money and time can be saved by quitting cigarettes. It is based on the health improvement process based on the WHO(World Health Organisation).  There is a facility for you also to chat with other users who quit smoking successfully. For that, you need to create your profile interact with other users.


8fit Workouts & Meal Planner 

Those People who are aware of their fitness they can not only plan their meals with the help of it but also get facilities like personal trainer here.
Also, apart from losing weight, it will also help you in maintaining fitness.  Its specialty is that it is not only told about diet and exercise programs but also motivates to change the lifestyle.
Here, without the help of equipment, you can learn how to use bodyweight for Muscle strength can be improved.  Also Here heat workout (high-intensity interval training) is described, which is more effective than a traditional cardio workout.
To stay fit, you have to give 15-20 minutes daily here.  There will be more than 350 different types of exercises here.  In addition to features like daily motivation, fitness trainer tips, and activity tracking, healthy eating tools will also be available, in which more than 400 healthy recipes. Information of  It also has the facility to count calories.  

Mysugr App 

This is a useful app for people who are suffering from diabetes.  This app is a personalized diabetes logbook type.  Here, one can add day data related to diabetes type-1 and type 2.  This will make it easier to analyze the data from diabetes.
Apart from this, you will also be able to keep records of data related to meals, diet, medicine, blood glucose, insulin, etc.  Here, you will be able to see all the other data with a graph on the personalized screen with a blood sugar level.  Apart from this, here you will also get Motivating Challenge and Feedback, you can also analyze data daily, weekly, and monthly.
Also, you can send your detailed report directly to the doctor.  Apart from blood sugar reminders, you will also get many other features in the Pro version.  The Mysugr Junior app is also available for children.  It can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices.

Hope all these above Best Health apps for weight loss  help you to provide more information about monitoring health.

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