Best Hindi Learning Apps for Beginners

Do you want to find best Hindi learning apps? With these amazing learning resources, you may explore the world of Hindi! These apps provide an immersive and dynamic experience, whether you’re starting out or want to brush up on your abilities.

In this blog post, we will look at the best Hindi learning apps on the market today, reviewing their features, usability, and efficiency. If you’re ready to start learning Hindi, keep reading to find the best app to help you reach your language learning objectives!

Last so many years Hindi search on the Internet has increased significantly. Internet media companies are also introducing new tools to promote this language.

Importanance of Hindi Language

Let’s know how the search in Hindi is increasing on the Internet: Demand for content in the local language: The demand for content in the local language on the Internet in India is increasing rapidly.

According to a Google India spokesperson, since the launch of Hindi Chip (the process of converting Google search from English to Hindi) in June 2016, there has been an increase of 10 times in Hindi search queries.

20 percent of search queries in the country are in Hindi language only. Not only this, Hindi language is also far ahead on Google Assistant. After English, Hindi is the most used language on Google Assistant worldwide.

Let us tell you that about Best Hindi Learning apps in the year 2022-23 and after that  saw an increase of 94 percent in the consumption of Hindi content on the Internet. However, Hindi content on the Internet is still very low, which is close to one percent.

Apart from Best Hindi Learning apps Google has taken an initiative called Navlekha. Through this, people working in regional languages ​​can publish their work online.

Watch more videos in Hindi: About 56 percent of people in India watch videos in Hindi language, while the number of people watching videos in English is only 16 percent. This is followed by Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Bengali language videos.

This thing has been revealed in a YouTube report. Telugu is 7 per cent, Kannada six per cent, Tamil five per cent and Bengali three per cent.

According to a report , about 90 percent of users have videos in regional languages

As there are various apps and websites are available for learning of hindi language. But before proceed to learn the same you need to consider the duration or tenure for learning of course.

If you want to write hindi in devnagari text or just want to simple understand and speak . You want to learn it with some mentor or learn it with self learning and development.

It is  recommend that you consider whether you plan to use your computer / laptop to learn Hindi or what you will be on your phone – there are some apps available only on the desktop and some even offer mobile apps.

Best Hindi Learning apps | Top 5 Apps

All of Hindi learning website are only give you enough result when you start preparing with each and every day schedule for preparing yourself learning for it.

If you want to do learn with easy learning and listening then you have to do it with easy games and question and answers

LILA Rajbhasha App Review

The Official Language Department of the Government of India has developed a tool called ‘LILA Rajbhasha’, to learn Hindi. 

Indian languages ​​can be learned for free with the help of AIC present in it. Saathi, English, Assamese, Bodo, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu speaking people can also learn Hindi with its help.

Apart from this, from users can access other tools like ‘Kanthastha’ e-Mahayadhoshkosh and ‘E-Saral Hindi’ Dictionary ‘. These should be useful for learning Indian languages. Can.

Rocket language Hindi Review

Founded in US Rocket language Hindi app is One of the best popular app for this category of Best Hindi Learning apps for learning hindi .Not only best apps for learning of hindi it also have website for Hindi learning.

After sign up yourself here you get free trial here before to go for purchase or buy it for your hindi learning session.

In this app you get listening ,speaking and writing of lessons progressively you will get to know that video that how to write devnagri script inside of it.

Available on Google Play Store .You also get information about cultural lesson of different state indian culture through hindi language.

HindiPod101 Review

If you want to learn hindi with fun and joy then this app is designed for it. Here you get including listening reading writing and speaking lessons for your course.

Specially if you want to learn hindi with expert level then this is good option for you. Suppose you want to learn devnagri script then you look to start it with character and learn to speak.

Hindi  pod 101 also offer free podcast if you want to listen with your own spare time. Also it have various level membership free basic access to premium fast track option for learning of Hindi language.

U talk hindi review

This Utalk hindi app is only available in form of app not available in desktop. Here you get all learning with interactive games form.

Also you learn and see the speaking games , phrase interact, learning games with different interesting topic to number 20 and 30 with food and drink and asking direction make it super helpful level.

Rosetta stone Hindi Review

If you want to learn hindi with unique way .Then this app is one of the Best app. here you get all learning lesson in form of visual memory.

You want to learn quickly and fast then you have to go for this Rosetta Stone app.

Rosetta stone has great app for Hindi Learning  as whatever you learn here it save in cloud. Great to learn with laptop app and on our phone.

Facts About Hindi language

Are you a content lover? Do you enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows and movies on OTT platforms? If so, you might be surprised to know that only a mere seven percent of users watch English content on these platforms.

But what about Hindi, the language of our land? With the rise of voice search, it’s becoming increasingly important to have access to content in Hindi.

According to the Marketing Ecosystem Report 2020, a staggering 25 percent of internet searches are done through voice. That means people are searching for content in Hindi through their voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you’re interested in learning Hindi, there are a variety of resources available to you. One great option is the Italki language learning platform, which can connect you with local teachers at affordable prices.

This is an excellent way to stay accountable for your language learning and receive personalized attention to help you improve your Hindi skills.

In a world where communication is key, being able to understand and speak Hindi can give you a competitive edge in both personal and professional settings. So why not take the leap and explore the world of Hindi language learning today?


  1. Is Hindi difficult to learn?

    Learning Hindi might be difficult, but it is not impossible. To make things easier, follow these steps:
    – Begin with simple vocabulary and phrases.
    – Focus on the sounds of Hindi and practice your pronunciation.
    – Get to know the Hindi script (Devanagari).
    – Work on your speaking and listening skills with native speakers or language partners.
    – Make use of language learning materials such as apps, textbooks, and online courses.
    – Immerse yourself with Hindi culture by watching films, listening to music, and reading books.
    You may overcome the hurdles and make progress in learning Hindi with persistent effort and practice.

  2. What is the rank of Hindi in the world?

    Hindi is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. It ranks fourth in terms of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English.

  3. How many hours will it take to learn Hindi?

    The time it takes to learn Hindi depends on a number of factors, including your previous language learning experience, dedication, and study techniques. Here are some general steps to get you started:
    Beginner level: 150-200 hours of basic conversational skills.
    Intermediate level: 300-400 hours to improve vocabulary and grammar.
    Advanced level: 600-750+ hours of fluency and advanced language skills.
    Consistent practice, immersion, and the use of good learning tools will help you learn Hindi faster.

  4. Is it good to learn Hindi on Duolingo?

    Yes, studying Hindi on Duolingo may be beneficial. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
    – Visit the website or download the Duolingo app.
    – Set up an account and choose Hindi as your target language.
    – Complete interactive vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation courses.
    – Exercising your reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities.
    – Get fast feedback and keep track of your progress.
    – For a well-rounded language learning experience, supplement your study with supplementary materials.
    Duolingo is a wonderful tool, especially for beginners, but it is also essential that you practice speaking and immerse yourself in Hindi culture to improve your fluency.

  5. Which app is used for Hindi typing?

    Follow these steps to type in Hindi:
    – On your Android smartphone, navigate to the Google Play Store.
    – Install the “Google Indic Keyboard” or “Gboard” app by searching for it.
    – Launch any app that asks you to type.
    – Select “Google Indic Keyboard” as your default keyboard by tapping on the keyboard icon.
    -Select Hindi as your typing language.
    – Begin typing in Hindi using the app’s Hindi keyboard layout.
    It should be noted that Gboard is the default keyboard on many Android smartphones and that it supports Hindi typing.

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