Best iPhone Puzzle Games for Every Gamer

Are you a puzzle fan looking for mind-bending difficulties on your iOS device? There is no need to search any further! In this post, we will look at the Best iPhone puzzle games that will keep you entertained for hours.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these games will keep you entertained with a variety of difficulty levels, fascinating tales, and aesthetically appealing visuals. Join us on this thrilling trip as we discover the top iPhone puzzle games on right now!

Best iPhone Puzzle Games

Let’s get right to the point and look at some of the Top iPhone puzzle games that will both challenge your mind and fascinate your senses.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley reigns supreme as an unequivocal must-play treasure in the world of iPhone puzzle games. This visually spectacular and thought-provoking game transports players on an enticing trip through crazy monuments and mind-bending optical illusions. Imagine yourself as the silent princess Ida’s guiding force, manipulating the very fabric of the surroundings to uncover hidden passageways and mysteries.

Monument Valley’s artwork is just amazing, catching the mind with its vibrant colours and beautiful details. Each level is a work of art in inventive design, stretching the limits of what a puzzle game can be. A sensation of awe pours over you as you go through the game, bringing you to a realm where your imagination has no limitations.

Monument Valley is a remarkable example of genius and innovation in the world of iPhone puzzle games. So, if you’re looking for the greatest in this genre, don’t pass up Monument Valley’s engaging experience. Prepare to go on an intriguing trip that will charm you and leave you wanting more.


Threes! is one of the iPhone puzzle games that seamlessly balances simplicity with an addicting challenge. Prepare for a fascinating adventure that will put your strategic thinking to the test.

Imagine yourself swiping tiles on a grid and witnessing numbers blend and multiply before your eyes as you play this engaging game. What is your mission? Combine multiples of three to get larger values, with the goal of reaching the coveted 6144 tile, which represents the pinnacle of success.

Threes!’s graphic design adds an added element of pleasure to the experience, transporting you to a realm where numbers come to life. Prepare to become engrossed in the addicting gameplay that will have you returning for more, improving your abilities and striving for mastery.

Threes! is more than simply a puzzle game; it’s an exciting adventure that opens up a world of number possibilities. Are you ready to go on this thrilling expedition and establish yourself as a real puzzle-solving master? Consider Threes!, the ultimate iPhone puzzle game that will leave you amaze.

The Room

As you enter the fascinating world of The Room, one of the best iPhone puzzle games to date, prepare to enter a universe of intrigue and mystery. Prepare for an enthralling encounter that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Consider being presented with a succession of carefully crafted boxes, each with its own set of mysteries waiting to be discovered. As you explore each corner and crevice, you will come across mind-bending riddles that will test your focus and wit.

Explore secret compartments as you explore further into the mystery, revealing the hidden truth. The Room’s intriguing ambient soundtrack sets the tone, enticing you deeper into its enthralling gameplay. Immerse yourself in a world where every detail counts and every step takes you closer to solving the secrets that lie ahead.

Prepare to be transported on an extraordinary adventure as you immerse yourself in the rich plot and fascinating puzzles that have made The Room a must-play classic. If you’re looking for the greatest iPhone puzzle games, go no farther than The Room to satisfy your appetite for mystery, challenge, and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Lara Croft Go

In the immersive puzzle game Lara Croft GO, embark on an unforgettable trip alongside the renowned Lara Croft. Prepare for an exciting journey through challenging ruins, where ancient mysteries await your acute intelligence. The game takes place in a brilliantly designed universe, with colourful views that transport you to another dimension.

Identify the mysteries of a long-lost civilisation, delving further into the enigma with each stage. Lara Croft GO includes a strategic aspect that keeps you on your toes with its turn-based gameplay. It perfectly blends puzzle-solving with a rich and intriguing narrative, leaving both puzzle aficionados and ardent Tomb Raider fans wanting more.

Enjoy the exhilarating gameplay as you travel obstacles, solve mysterious riddles, and discover hidden treasures. Lara Croft GO is the pinnacle of iPhone puzzle games, providing a journey that will capture your imagination and deliver numerous hours of entertainment. Are you ready to team up with Lara Croft and master these ancient mysteries?

Cut the Rope

In the renowned puzzle game, Cut the Rope, prepare to go on a joyful adventure alongside the candy-loving critter, Om Nom. Your objective is easy but difficult: cut ropes wisely to deliver tasty sweets into Om Nom’s hungry mouth while avoiding obstacles.

The game welcomes you with delightful visuals that bring Om Nom’s world to life, engaging gamers of all ages.Prepare to be captivated by physics-based puzzles that will put your problem-solving abilities to the test. Collecting stars adds a new degree of excitement and accomplishment to each level, motivating you to take on new challenges and satisfy Om Nom’s insatiable sweet taste.

Cut the Rope stands out among the best iPhone puzzle games because to its intriguing gameplay and endearing charm. So, are you ready to enter the wacky world of Cut the Rope and discover the ideal blend of challenge and fun? Join Om Nom on this candy-filled excursion to satisfy your curiosity.

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In Summary

Finally, the world of iOS puzzle games is filled with interesting challenges for gamers of all skill levels. These games provide hours of amusement, from the mind-bending vistas of Monument Valley to the intriguing mysteries of The Room. The best iPhone puzzle games include something for everyone, whether you want  amazing experience, a numerical challenge, or an adventure with Lara Croft.

So, why bother? Dive into the enthralling world of puzzle games on your iOS device and let your brain to take an unforgettable adventure.

You will be entertained, challenged, and rewarded every step of the way with these meticulously constructed games. Prepare to unleash your full problem-solving ability and immerse yourself in the fun of these top iPhone puzzle games!


Are puzzle games on iPhone suitable for players of all ages?

Absolutely! These games include a variety of difficulty levels, making them suitable for players of all ages. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a new puzzler or a seasoned pro.

Can I play iPhone puzzle games offline?

The majority of the puzzle games described in this post may be played offline, allowing you to enjoy them whenever and anywhere you like. Certain functions, however, may need an online connection.

Do iPhone puzzle games offer hints or solutions?

Yes, many of these games provide suggestions or answers to help players who are stuck on a task. These elements ensure that players do not become irritated as they move through the game.

Are in-app purchases in these puzzle games?

While some puzzle games may have optional in-app purchases, the bulk of the games included here give a comprehensive and engaging experience without the need for further expenditures.

Can I play puzzle games on multiple iOS devices?

Yes, most puzzle games are intended to sync your progress across various iOS devices, allowing you to pick up where you left off regardless of device.

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