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Best Screen Sharing Software and Application

Best Screen Sharing Software and Application

Screen Sharing software Commonly used Productivity in-office functions but now the hacker can intercept the security of this screen sharing software and application.

If you do not know how to use this all-screen sharing application or taken care of security while using this application then cybercriminal has started emptying bank accounts by knowing your data. Here is know about the Best screen sharing software and applications and how to stay safe while using it.

You must have heard about some of the best Screen sharing applications like Free Conference call, Anydesk, Quicksupport, Airdroid, Team viewer. Typically these applications are used by IT professionals for remote work not only IT professional but other professions also from different backgrounds like Oil and Gas, Banking & Finance, Infrastructure, and Pharma industry also used these all apps nowadays.

Why Best Screen Sharing Software and application are important? 


During the time of Pandemic people are doing work from home activity. Work from home is not easy as many people face problem on their computers need troubleshooting for their computers from a remote network.

Here are Screen sharing application or software plays an important role as IT staff often connect to office professional those who are doing work from home through screen sharing application.

Here is you need to ensure that while using these screen sharing application security also comply. If security lapse happens there then cyber criminals are starting to put a huge financial burden on people through these apps.

With their help, cyber thugs can remotely control other users’ devices even remotely.  Due to this, thugs should also be aware of the information about OTP, UPI, and ATM credit card PIN coming on the device.

So whenever using screen sharing real-time application, then the user must be careful about security also.


Best Screen Sharing Software and Application (2021)

Free Conference call

This software or application allows online meetings free for its users. It’s the best free screen sharing software for online meetings.You can get Web management, call recording, and calendar integration features with paid services.

Here you see some of the amazing features like Screen Sharing, Video, and Audio Conferencing, Call recording, transcribed keyword instant message, and proper integration with outlook and Google calendar.

The only Precaution take during installing this software is that you have to download it from an authentic source. Do not use the sharing link.

Team Viewer

This is a popular screen sharing application. Talking about its features, it includes control of the device through screen share, control gesture with computer and contact management Sound and HD video in real-time transmission facilities exist.

In addition, it is used with connected devices such as PCs and is also used for file transfers with smartphones.  By default is connected to another device a pin is required to do this, with the help of which the smartphone or tablet is wireless with the help of Windows, Mac, Linux. This is Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Now cybercriminals have also used this application for cheating. If someone asks you to download this app through interlink, then you should be alert, because the device can be controlled remotely using it, ie, Team Viewer 4. Download the software or app in your device.  , You can access your device.

Join me

Join me screen sharing application does not only provide screen sharing and control but also conference calls. Multiple channel access, live messages, Mouse control, Multiple screen sharing.

You can get 14 Days free trial at the start if you find it useful then you get paid services for it. You can download a chrome extension to use it and schedule your meeting. It Offers smooth transition of control of users.


This is also a screen sharing application which helps Smartphone or tablet can be managed wirelessly with the help of Windows, Mac, Linux.

It also provides the facility of screen recording along with screen sharing.  Apart from this, features such as remote camera feature, screen mirroring, oneway video have been given.  With the help of this, data transfer can also be done from smartphones to computers.  It works along the lines of mirroring or the movements of one device can be seen on another mobile.

It gives the user the facility of remote access, whose Hackers also often take advantage.  They ask the user to download this application on their device and This allows full access to the remote on Android devices.

Cybercriminals download the app and watch the activities of the user first and then clear the account as soon as they get a chance.  It supports the browser.  This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Its the best free screen sharing software.


This is remote desktop software with the help of which even when you are away you can control device. Usually, people use this  Software to obtain remote access to all programs, documents, files, etc. Facilities like built-in file transfer, Online collaboration session recording, etc. are available.

But now cybercriminals are using it for fraud. Through this, hackers can access the mobile and can also delete or copy phone information.  Can steal other information including banking data.  It supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, etc.


Quick  Support

You can control Smartphones from Windows and Mac through this application.  It is also a remote screen sharing application.

Once you install the application on another device. After that, there is a facility to see the chat, file transfer, real-time screenshot, device information, etc.  Also, confidential data can also be transferred with its help.

Cybercriminals also use this app to cheat through UPI.  It is available for Android and iOS.  Unless there is a lot of need, such apps should avoid installing them randomly in your device.

Precaution while downloading these applications.

If you are asked to download the Best screen sharing software and  application through the unintentional link, then avoid it, because cybercriminals acquire remote across as soon as such is installed.

The Screen Sharing application is used for productivity work.  If not needed, you should avoid installing applications. If not working then it would be better to uninstall.

Also, use good antivirus before installing these screen sharing application.

Hope above Best Screen Sharing Software and Application will help you.

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