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Secure and private email services for Business  is important these days, users are very concerned about the privacy and security of their e-mail.  Although Gmail is a very popular service, there are many other email services that are more useful in terms of security. With this secure and private email services, you also get many smart features.

Best secure and private email services for Business | Top Service Provider

G Mail

G-Mail extremely popular webmail service and very powerful too. The space available to the users here is also fine – 15 GB ( gigabytes).  There is also a system for filtering spam messages and users of mail search, labels, typing suggestions and typing in Indian languages ​​are also available.

G mail provides a very good interface to the user also streamlines all your data into an organized folder. First released in 2004 users get more power of Gmail with G-suite features. It has more than billion users across globe and one of the market leaders for providing free email services for secure and private email services for Business.

If you have used the necessary safety features, then Gmail can be considered to be largely safe from the eyes of hackers.  But Gmail has many drawbacks in terms of privacy. Google also uses your email box and data to show its advertisements.  Know about some other useful e-mail services.

Gmail  is a leading and best business email service providers


It is operated from Germany Email service that includes full mail Box is encrypted means All data is encrypted. But the technology that supports forward secrecy is used.

This means that even if a hacker gets a break in the encryption of a mail message, then only this e-mail message will be handled by him, that method will not work on the rest of the messages.

Tutanota neither reads your messages nor monitors your movements.  He doesn’t even show you targeted ads.  Your IP address is not included in the messages sent through it, so hackers will not be able to detect your location, like Gmail, there is also a two-factor authentication feature.

This means that it has the facility to use the one-time password that comes on the phone along with the password to log in, here in the free version you get only 1 GB of space, but it is important for privacy and security. It is useful in this context.

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As you might know a few months ago that in the name of GDPR that strict privacy law was made in Europe.

This Strict Law was enacted, which applies to companies providing Internet services.  Like Tutanota, Postio follows GDPR rules.

Incidentally, it is also the product of a German company.  Posted uses encryption at various levels to protect your data.  You can also use it to completely hide your identity.  Like Tutanota, this company also separate IP addresses from your that no one can detect your location.

It doesn’t even keep track of your activities as many other email providers do.  One of its drawbacks is the absence of a spam folder.

If an email message is suspected, it will delete directly Will go or mail to you.  There is storage space – 2 GB and the attachment size is limited to 50 MB. Although it is a paid service, the fee is very low – one euro per month

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Start mail

It works by considering privacy as its biggest goal. You can rest assured that by creating an account here. This service operated from the Netherlands was started by the makers of a search engine called StartPage.

Here your data is encrypted in an email server instead of a browser, which is a 100 % surety guarantee of privacy.  The reason. That is, the browser is opened on your computer, so anyone can break into it, but it is a difficult task to hack the server and steal the data.

Start mail never reads your email and uses it for any purpose.  It offers 10  GB (gigabytes) of storage space. Its trial version is also available along with the Paid version.  The attachment size is 25 MB (megabytes).

An interesting feature of start mail email services is that you can create here a temporary email The temporary email address is expired or deactivated after use of Something to do  After that.

To whom you want to send mail messages protecting your privacy. Sent mail it a useful for them Convenience.


Zoho Business Mail

By obeying  Europe’s GDPR privacy rules features like Two-Factor Authentication, Filters and Advances  are present in Zoho Business Mail.This mail is secure and private email services provider for Business.

All messages in Zoho business mail are encrypted.  Mail service providers read those messages Neither do nor investigate them. Zoho business mail claims that she does not share your information with advertisers.

An important feature. There is the presence of collaboration features i.e. more than one person, if they want to work together, then there are no technical facilities for them.

Under its forever free (free) plan, every user gets 5 GB ( Gigabyte) of space and can send attachments up to 25 MB (megabytes). Zoho mail is the Best Email Service for Business as it offers the best features.

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Microsoft Outlook

People who work on Windows Sometimes must have created an account on the Microsoft platform, such as Live, Com, Hotmail Com, Pen Drive Com, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Hotmail is now not available there; But Microsoft outlook has taken the same place, whose name is taken from Microsoft’s e-mail client software Outlook.  Like Gmail, you get 15 GB (gigabytes) of storage space.

Microsoft’s policy is to protect your privacy.  He does not scan email messages, does not read them, and uses them for some kind of automatic services.  Advertisements will appear, but they will not be targeted, ie they will not have any relationship with the things written in your e-mail countries or your activities.

Microsoft Outlook  Features

you can send rich emails, that is, emails that look like Word documents. It contains different sizes of text, Can be formatted in font size, colors, etc.

Photo Viewer, immersive reader (read as per your Convenience), the convenience of connecting to One Drive or other cloud storage services, and encryption make it even more useful.

Also, Outlook provides user-friendly accessibility you can organize your mail in to organize folder. In the Outlook folder structure, you can set rules for the sent message to the destination folder.

Also, your message and attachment is safe. You can read it easily here. Not only received the mail but you can also organize your sent mail here.

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Microsoft Outlook is a leading and secure and private email services provider.

Here are all features and information about the Secure and private email services Provider for business that most used by Business people.




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