Best Tips to identify Fake reviews and Rating

During online Shopping now People often rely on product reviews. If you also buy on the basis of product reviews, then you should be careful because now the trend of fake reviews increasing like Fake News. With the help of Best Tips to identify Fake review and Rating you can save your self from this trap!

Nowadays trends towards online shopping has increased rapidly over the last years. Often people read reviews of the product before purchasing it online and make up their mind to buy based on it.

Best Tips to identify Fake review and Rating 

Usually, before buying any product online, you see its features and specifications.  Then look at the reviews and ratings of that product, so that the right and wrong things can be ascertained.  But you probably do not know that the review and rating of some of the products which you consider to be the basis of quality are fake.To identify fake reviews and rating based on product desciption may help you.

What is a Fake Review?

When you buy a product online, firstly see the name of the product, then the features and specifications.  After this, at the bottom, you get the option of a review rating.  This place is for users who have purchased that product or know about that product. So that they can express their opinion here.

When a new buyer goes on the Shopping sites, he sees those reviews so that he can know the quality of the product.  And He or She believes that the better the review, the better the rating. The buyer who likes the product gets a better rating.  Nowadays, companies have started taking all of the fake reviews to make this rating.  They post fake reviews and responses so that the rating is the best for the product.

The first such complaint came in 2012.  When a crime writer RJ Ellory listed his novel for sale on an e-commerce site.  He kept a review that gave good reviews on his novel while writing negative words for his contestants.  In such a situation, their rating deteriorated, but later the truth was revealed and the e-commerce site suspended them.

What is the situation today?

According to a news report published in Forbes recently, the problem of fake reviews has become worse than before.  However, it is not the case that fake reviews visit only one e-commerce site, but the condition of everyone.

According to news, companies have hired agencies for fake reviews, which makes the rating the best by posting good reviews as soon as the product is listed.  On many sites, the rating of the product is increasing to 5 in two hours as soon as it is listed.

How is this happens?

One of e-commerce expert says that currently there is no information about the use of any bot app for a fake reviews, but some agencies hire people to do fake reviews.

Those Agencies having fake email IDs.  This is their job, they have given fake ratings and reviews after logging in email id. If you understand that the review-rating is just for the product then you are wrong  Nowadays, fake review ratings are also given for doctors, hospitals, schools, and NGOs.

In this regard, According to Tech expert, the e-commerce site uses a special algorithm for reviews and ratings of the product which is called sentiment analysis.  Under this, according to the review of the users, a product rating is created, for example, if you write ‘Good’ to a product, then it gets a “+1” rating, but if Wrote ‘not good’, the rating goes to “-1”.  The more negative the word, the lower the rating.

In such a situation, companies resort to fake reviews to make the rating the best.  Here too, they work very wisely.  They leave out the original review at the beginning, as you move forward, you will find that a good review of two to four words is given to them, such as – Best Product and Good, etc. ‘ 

Expert further says, you will be surprised to know that these reviews can also be downloaded on the Internet.  There are dot tar files available, which can be opened on Linux computers.  It may be possible that these strategies being used on Back End to improve product ratings.

Why do fake reviews?

Generally, companies post reviews to improve product ratings, but another advantage is to have better seller ratings.  Actually, e-commerce shops themselves do not sell everything, but there are different vendors.

Reviews can increase sale of newly listed products on the Online shopping site for new sellers. New sellers want to increase their customer base with no customer. New sellers may have both perishable or nonperishable products.As Both are important for them. To increase the sale of the most valuable item they are taking help to some agency and do fake reviews of their product.

So good Product ratings increase sales and this also improves sellar ratings. However, reviews are used to increase the sales of the least preferred product.

As soon as a good review is made, its ranking becomes good and it also makes a difference on the sale. Apart from this, a good rating also increases the performance of the product on the e-commerce site, which is called visibility in technical language.For the purpose of reducing the negative rating, fake reviews are also done.

How to Check or identify fake reviews?

There is no tool to check or identify fake reviews on any online shopping site, website, or app. For this, you will have to prepare for yourself and do the following steps.

  • Before Buying on the Online Shopping website you need to check the Compete reviews for products from top to bottom.
  • If similar words are used in the review of the product, then you can understand that it is fake.
  • Apart from this, the review time will also be very effective for you. Same-day or within the same hour posted review, then you can understand that there is some fraud
  • Also note that users rarely give 5 ratings.  So if most product rating is 5 then do not buy that product at all.
  • Written Good things, used similar words, reviewed in small words!
  • Written the name of the product, then you understand that review can be fake.

Hope Tips to identify Fake reviews and Rating will help you during online shopping!

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