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What are Fake Shopping websites? How to identify Fake shopping websites?

Identify fake Shopping website needed? People now doing online shopping very frequently. People are doing online shopping from a website like Amazon, Flipkart as they offer a great discount for the product.

But some websites are also there which lure customers to shop on their site. But they are fake shopping websites. Here Best Tips to identify fake Shopping website may help to clear doubt about it.

It is important to identify this fake shopping website otherwise it will make you lose money to them. Fake shopping websites not only offer fake discounts but also give some more tactics to trap customers. Tips to identify the fake shopping website will help you know more.


What mistake customer doing during online shopping?

As a customer, If i am doing online shopping and i get a cheaper price for my product then what else i want. Due to this belief of youth in recent times many of the fake online shopping websites viral their message about cheap shopping using social media platforms.

But it is necessary to search about it before purchasing your product any new website. Some sites show to customers that a good product is also seen in the house after payment, the user realizes that he has been cheated. 

Some websites do not have the option of cash on delivery and when the customer makes a payment, the item never gets it.

Not only Such a website is cheated to its customers, but also receives their details of the bank’s bank through an online payment. It is also very easy to avoid this type of website. Just keep this in mind some of the below precautions.

Nowadays Online payment has been made easy. Whether you are doing shopping or paying a bill, all work is done in just minutes.  All this is convenient, but a little carelessness can also cause you big financial loss. 

The thugs keep an eye on you.  Hackers weave traps in such a way that those who are low tech-savvy easily get caught in their trap. They use junk emails, robocalls, online requests, etc. as weapons to trap people. 

Generally, people do not understand that it is not necessary to click every link and email sent.  Similarly, receiving calls from every unknown number is also not necessary.  Nowadays thugs get people to download AnyDesk app first through fake call, then it is easy and very convenient hack account disappears Money.

Best Tips to identify fake Shopping website

Below are the some suggestion that help you to identify fake shopping website dueing internet surfing

1) Search the web site’s name and carefully examine the result. Trust the only if the website appears on the search page and no one is making a poor comment about it.

2) Check if the website connection is secure or not. The website’s security status is found in the address bar. Generally, pages starting with https are considered safe. Also, the page linked to the payment must start with this letter.

3) Check about us section of the website. If it has a customer care number, call it and check how much it supports customers.

4) If there are several dashes in the domain name, then make a special check about that domain.

5) Look carefully at the design, language, and grammar of the website, beware if there is any defect in it.


Know Safe Website

Nowadays there is the highest possibility of fraud during online shopping.  People are also implicated through fake shopping sites.  Especially now that the festive season is about to start, it is expected to increase further. 

In such a situation, if you do not choose the safe side or the right payment channel during the online shopping bill, then your card information can be stolen.  Nowadays the issue of data theft has also increased through fake sites or stroke login. 

Bank accounts, credit card numbers, CVV numbers, etc. used for online shopping can also be stolen.  If you have saved passwords or login IDs on your computer or laptop, there is a high possibility of data theft. 

To avoid this kind of fraud, just go to the site by typing in the address bar of the URL browser and make a purchase or pay the bill and give the credit card information to the safe site itself and here But also do not save your credit card information

careful during online registration

During searching of shopping website it is important for you to careful during online registration. When registering on a website, be careful at that time.  During this time information such as name, contact number, email ID, home address, date of birth are given, but these are very important for scammers. 

For example, if you fill the online form as part of the registration process to get a service from a website, then the information you share is dangerous.  If this is not necessary then a fake name, email id, and another phone number.

App Permissions 

People often ignore app permissions during download.  In such an app, you can track the photos, videos, mail, messages, camera, location, and even voice available on your phone.  So while installing any app, check all the permissions thoroughly that you are being asked for access.


How to Protect from Online fraud?

In the form of online fraud, most financial losses are tried.  In such a situation, if you are using net banking, then it is very important to keep some things in mind.

For secure use of internet banking, it is necessary to go to the browser address bar and type in your bank URL. Click on the link sent by email anytime.  There are apprehensions that hackers may email links to site designs such as the bank’s original website for fraud. 

If you log in and enter your information on such a fake website, money can be stolen by accessing the account. 

Change your password regularly during net banking. Do not share a password with anyone

And save the password online instead of offline. Use public banking also pen public computers.  If you do, do not forget to delete the Catch and Browsing History Temporary file from the computer. Also, do not click on the Reminder ID and Password in any browser during login. 

Bank anytime your ATM PIN Confidential and private like date of birth Bank does not ask for information via email.  In this regard, the bank also continuously sends SMS alerts. 

If you get any such phone or email from the bank, never tell about the login information.

Use your login id and password only on the official login page of the bank and it should be a secure website.

Many people save the card number, expiry date, etc. on the same site during online shopping, so that even during shopping later

Be easy.  But do not do this by mistake as well. If you do this to avoid a little trouble, it can make you feel very hot.

Hope here Best Tips to identify Fake Shopping website (2021) help you to ascertain about more info about it.Also How to Protect from Online fraud having some useful information.


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