Best tips to prevent hearing loss due to headphone

Are you concerned about preserving your hearing and avoiding hearing loss? Learn the basic methods and practices for maintaining your hearing health. Because noise-induced hearing loss and other hearing-related diseases are becoming more common, it is critical to arm yourself with effective prevention strategies.

In this blog Post, we’ll look at how to prevent hearing loss, including practical suggestions, lifestyle changes, and proactive activities you can take to keep your hearing healthy for years to come. Are you ready to discover how to protect your hearing? Let’s get started and see how you can protect your hearing!

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Best tips to prevent hearing loss

You can see many People are using earphone headphones around you while travelling or leisure activity, but do you know how many decibels the ear can hear when using earphones, headphones etc. If you use earphone headphones regularly, then it is very important to keep a check on some important things…

There is a limit of hearing in humans. If music heard by earphone and headphones or spoken to by someone in constant high voice, then there may be a problem in the ear drum and then later in the ear vein. If this problem persists for a long time, it may also affect hearing ability.

If you want to maintain the ability to hear, then you have to know how the sounds affect the ears. Also, it is necessary to know which types of headphones and earphones cause less damage to the ear.

Noise Cancellation Headphones Types

If you are using noise cancellation headphones, it prevents external noise from reaching the ears. As a result, you get better sound quality and this also reduces the need to increase the volume.

Although the headphones of many companies are present in the market nowadays, choosing the right headphones among them is also a difficult task. But when buying headphones, earphones, always keep in mind the passive and active noise cancellation feature.

Passive noise cancellation

The physical design of headphones also helps to block unwanted sound. However, it is also necessary to see how the padding of the headphones covers the ears.

It can only block certain sounds. If the noise is high, then the noise in it will keep creeping up to the ears. Over-ear headphones cover your ears completely and this reduces external noise significantly.

Active noise cancellation

If you want more features to prevent external noise, then you can use earphones, headphones with active noise cancellation feature. Typically such headphones have microphones in-built, which use ambient sound.

Simply put, it is a technique for neutralizing external noise. It does not directly block noise, but listens to the sound using the headset’s microphone and produces its own sound wave, effectively neutralizing the existing sound. External noise is not heard from it.

How to Choose Earbuds?

Noise cancellation feature should be kept in mind while purchasing earbuds. Also, see how safe the buds are by ear.


The design of such earbuds brings the audio closer to the eardrum. It heats the eardrum directly with the soundwave. This produces a loud sound, which makes it very dangerous to listen to. So it should be kept in mind here that. Volume should not exceed 60 percent.


These types of on-earbuds are usually better in terms of ears. Because it covers the ear canal instead of going inside the ears.

But they are less effective than headphones in terms of covering the ears and passive noise calculation. If it is not covering the ear properly, the the sound quality may also be affected.

Keep the earplugs with you

If you are able to get the couch in a very noisy position and it is not possible to get out of that position for a while, then earplugs can be a good option for ear protection. These are available in foam and plastic options.

There are also some earplugs that filter the sound wave before it reaches the ears in this best tips to prevent hearing loss.

What is decibel (dB) in sound?

Hearing loss is more likely to occur, when you listen to a sound in the high decibel for a longer period of time. Give you a sound that more than 85 decibels can slowly damage your ears and other parts of it. If the voice is more than 140 decibels, then it can be painful as well as affect the hearing ability.

It can also be understood in this way that when you talk to someone, it is about 60 decibles. It does not cause any harm. Songs should not be heard in a voice beyond 90 decible.

Normally the ear can tolerate the sound of 65 decibels, but if the ear is heard over 90 decibels on earphones for more than 40 hours, the ear veins are completely dead.Continuous use of the hearing reduces the hearing capacity by 40 to 50 decibels.

Whether you are listening to music or playing video games, do not increase the volume by more than 60 percent.

Make a habit of using the earphones to a minimum. If you have to work by plugging in earphones, take a break of at least 5 minutes every hour as it is very important in this Best tips to prevent hearing loss.

Use only good quality headphones or earphones, and use earwuds keypad headphones, as these are mounted in the outer ear.

If you have problems with voice, try to choose a headphone or earphone with a noise cancellation.

When you make a loud sound in the earphone mode on the mobile, there is a hint in the middle that it may cause damage by increasing the volume. In such a situation, follow that instruction.

Best apps to Control loud noise

If you think hearing ability is affected, then some apps to control loud noise can help in the Best tips to prevent hearing loss.

Sound Meter

With this Android app, users can measure decibels to prevent hearing loss. You can check how loud your microphone is. You can see the volume in decibels. It also show you  through graph.

However it has a limitation. It does not recognize sounds greater than 90 decibels. It will alert you when there is excess volume. This is best app to control loud noise.

Hearing test

Do you know about your hearing ability, if not, you can test your hearing ability with the help of this application to control loud noise also tests the ability of the ear through decibel and frequency  scales. After downloading the app this best apps to control loud noise, follow the instructions.

Detailed results will appear at the end of the test. Although it is not the same as going to the real doctor, it can be a way to test your ability to hear. If the results are not good for most of the time, then necessary tests should be done in consultation with the doctor.

Hope above best tips to prevent hearing loss due to headphone and best apps to to control loud noise will help you to understand the topics completely.


  1. How can I improve my hearing naturally?

    Regular exercise, a good diet, and limiting your exposure to loud noises are all natural ways to improve your hearing. Consistent care and attention to your auditory health can naturally and successfully improve your hearing abilities.

  2. What are 3 things that can cause hearing loss?

    Prolonged exposure to loud noises, ageing, and certain medical disorders or drugs are three main causes of hearing loss. Understanding these variables can assist you in taking proactive efforts to avoid or reduce hearing loss and safeguard your auditory health.

  3. Can you improve hearing loss naturally?

    While alternative treatments cannot cure all forms of hearing loss, some lifestyle modifications, such as eating a nutritious diet, practising excellent ear cleanliness, and avoiding excessive noise exposure, can help improve hearing health. For personalized guidance, it is best to consult with a healthcare practitioner.

  4. How can I improve my hearing loss?

    Hearing aids, assistive listening devices are some of the solutions available to help people with hearing loss. Consulting with an audiologist can assist you in determining the best options for your unique hearing problems.

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