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Best Tricks to reset smart devices

Best Tricks to reset smart devices (2020)


When a smart device does not perform well such as a smartphone, PC, etc There is one option factory reset is good to fix it. However, it is easy to reset smartphone but here let s know about how other devices can be reset.With the help of Best Tricks to reset smart devices, you can reset your smart device easily.

If you have a smart gadget at your home and it not working up to its capacity or crashing again and again then a factory reset can be a way to overcome these troubles.  This is also necessary when you sell your old device.

By the way, if you are cloud-synced or backup, then there is no problem in the factory reset the to the device.  The advantage of a full factory reset is that the device returns to a new state, just as it was when purchasing the phone.

Why Best Tricks to reset smart devices needed?

This process you can replace missing files, corrupt files are deleted, incorrectly configured settings are corrected, third party plugins and add-ons will  disappear

But remember, Before doing a factory reset you need to take a backup of your photograph, video, contact, message Etc. Data will be deleted forever, such as recovery will be difficult.

How Tips & Tricks to reset smart devices help to better functioning!

 iPhone and iPad

If you are using a device like iPhone and iPad  To reset it do the following procedure

Settings> General Setting > Reset> Erase All Content and Settings Process must be adopted.

When you tap on ‘Easy All Content’, you will be asked for an Apple ID password here.  After this, the iPhone or iPad will be reset as soon as you tap on ‘Erase’.  However, this process may take one to two minutes.  Remember, do not forget to remove the SIM card from the device before resetting.

Amazon Kindle

To reset the Amazon e-Kindle device, you must first select the menu on the home screen.  From here, go to Settings.  Then select the menu from here

The reset device has to be selected.  Hereafter the process of factory reset is completed, the Amazon account will have to be re-registered.  However, even after this process all your books will  Stores on the Amazon server.

Google Home device

To reset the Google Home device, the microphone on the back of the device will have to press and hold the cue for about 15 seconds.  At the same time, you have to turn off the mic for the Google Next Mini second-generation device.

Here LEDs will become orange. Then the light will shoe on top device center. It has to be pressed for about 5 seconds.  After this, the factory reset process will start. But it will have to be held for 10 seconds.  After this, the sound will be heard that the device is reset.

To reset the Google Nest Hub device, both volume buttons have to be pressed for about 10 seconds.  Then Google Assistant will confirm that the device is being reset.

Window Computer

If you are using  Windows 10,pc or laptop then you will have to go to settings to reset it.  You will see the gear icon of the settings above the start menu.

After clicking, you have to go to the update and security option.  When you tap on it, then you will have to go to the ‘recovery option’ on the left-hand panel.

Here you will see the reset this PC option.  Now just below this, you have to click on the Get Started button.  There are two options Keep my file and remove everything.

If you choose to keep  my file option then it will remove apps and settings, but your personal files will remain.

On the other hand, if you choose the option of ‘Remove  Everything’, then your personal files, apps, and settings will all be deleted.

After this, when you click Reset, the PC will reboot itself.  However, this entire process may take longer.

MacOS Computer

It is not difficult to reset PCs with MacOS To do this First you have to turn off the Mac PC, then when it starts booting then keep pressing the “command + R” keys.

After this, the utility window of Mac OS will open.  Here, after clicking on Disk Utility, press the Continue button.  Now select Startup Disk (which is known as By default Macintosh HD), which will get Sidebar. Then tap on the Erase button.

When this process is complete, then go to the main menu after entering, after clicking Reinstall macOS press on the Continue button.  Now a pop-up window will appear.

Here too, proceed by continuing.  After reading the software license and agreement, click on the Agree button.  After clicking ‘Install’, we will be able to install macOS.

Amazon Echo Device:

Amazon eco device has stored a lot of sensitive data in the memory bank. To reset the third generation echo device here, the action button has to be pressed here for about 25 seconds, until the ring light first turns orange and then later blue.  Then allow the device to turn off and on.

If the ring light is orange, then this is setup mode which indicates that the device is reset. Now you can register the device with an Amazon account.

Android smartphone

If you feel that the Android phone is hanging too much, the battery is going down very quickly, the apps are getting frequently crashed or there is a problem related to the software, then factory reset may be an option.

However, according to the different manufacturers of Android phones, the option of reset may be slightly different.

If you are using stock Android phones, then you will have to go to advanced options in the system inside the settings.  Here you will get the option of reset.

Then you have to select the option of Erase Old Data (Factory Reset). As soon as you click on it, you will see a warning on the screen and you will see all these accounts, which you have set on the phone.  The factory reset process will begin after that process.

Hope above Best Tricks to reset smart devices (2023) help to reset smart devices mention above.

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