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Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Free is easy to use. Many people across the world have earned through Youtube channel with Million of subscribers. While some of the stories can motivate anyone to open a youtube channel. Though to run a channel is easy but you need to know software and tool that can edit your video.


YouTube is a Very good platform for any person to show your skill to people and grow your channel. Not only that but you can earn a good amount of money on Youtube.


There are many people who are earning millions and crores by posting their skills on this platform.  If you also open a YouTube channel, it will not only benefit by recording and uploading the video but also editing it and adding effects according to the video, so that it attracts and attracts people.

For this, you can take the help of the video editing software here, which will help you to edit the video faster and upload it to YouTube.


How to Create Youtube Channel?


If you want to create your Youtube channel then here are some of the steps you have to follows to create it Successfully.


How to Create Youtube Channel


Name Your Channel according to your Niche

Name is a very important parameter to grow your channel as many people find the content with the name. Always Choose the name as per your Blog website.


Make a Creative Image art

Once you have given a name to your Youtube Channel. now you have to create Image art for your channel as Promote your image in social media make it a link so that people will click on it will direct to the website page.


Social Sharing Link

Now people are spending a lot of time on Social media especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Always create your account on a famous social media page and share your page with social media through the page.


Make Category Playlist

Always try to create a Playlist by category on your youtube channel Divide your video in this category (e.g. Digital Marketing, Mobile apps)


Create Eye-Catchy Description

Always Create Catchy Description as those who want to see your video want to know about you about your qualification your background. Always show your expertise and achievement On your page


Create Short Video For the introduction

If you want to connect your Non-Subscriber than you have to introduce yourself to Non-Subscriber by a short introduction video


Create informative content

Content is the heart of any youtube channel always ensure that your content should be very detailed and up to the topic and very specific for that category users


Broadcast and Promotion

Broadcast your Channel video and Promote on social media to set alert for your users


Connect youtube on your Site

Show your Youtube channel to your blog website that increases the popularity of your channel as well as your blog too.

Here each and every step will help you answer of question how to create a youtube channel!


Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Free and Paid



Adobe Premiere Rush


This is a video editor equipped with advanced features. There is also a facility to share videos fast with the option to edit it fast.

It has built-in camera functionality, which means you can quickly edit the video after capturing it from mobile.

Also, here you will find almost all the tools related to editing, such as arranging videos, drawing videos, graphics, and photos easily.

You can crop the video clip and adjust the audio as per your convenience.  By the way, tools to improve color will also be found here.

If you want, you can also add motion effects to your video and many more features like title, voiceover, music addition are also given.

To videos, Built-in templates (animated), color, size, the font can also be used to make them beautiful. This Program is Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

If you want to know more about this software then please visit:


Filmorago (Free)

It can also be useful for video editing from mobile.  It is for those who are just getting started on this platform.  With its help, it is easy to prepare and edit the video.  Photos and videos can also be selected from gallery and album.

Here are different types of themes.  After selecting the theme, you can use favorite music, filters, titles, etc.  The preview of how the video is made can be seen in real-time.

The good thing is that there is a facility to import videos and photos from social networking site Facebook and Instagram as well.

With its help, you can also create a reverse video.  If you want. You can use fast and slow motion in the video.It is available in both free and paid versions, you can download it from Google Play Store.This is one of the  Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Free

At the same time, Filmora 9 software for desktop is also available.  It supports Windows and Mac.

If you want to know more about this software then please visit:


Final Cut Pro


If using Mac system then this software can be a good option for you.  It is equipped with advanced features.  It has features like HDR support, advanced color grading, magnetic time line.  The magnetic time line makes it easier to arrange scenes.

Also, apart from multi-channel video tools, there is also a new noise reduction system.  If you want to make videos from different angles, then it is also useful in this way.  It has a multicam feature, allowing viewing in 16 different angles.

Whereas Final Cut Pro X 360 Degree Video Support. Does.  If you work with R, this may be the ideal option.  It also has the facility to add captions to the video.

Additionally, YouTube can produce videos for posts faster.  The only drawback of this software is that it simply works with Mac, will not be able to use it for Windows.

If you want to know more about this software then please visit:

Quick-Free Video Editor for Photos Clip, Music


If you want to edit videos from mobile and upload it to YouTube, you can download this application.  By the way, its desktop version is also available in this Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Free version.  Here, videos can be edited through just a few steps.

Talking about its features, with the help of this, more than 75 photos and video clips can be added from Gallery, Album, Google Photos, Dropbox, etc.  It even works with motion photos.  You can also use different themes according to your video.

Here are more than 23 types of themes.  Videos can be made beautiful by using fonts, filters, and graphics.  With its help, the recording is easy, as well as photo and video clips can be trimmed.  Here too you will get features like speed and slow-motion.

It supports MP3, A4A, MP4, MOV, ACC, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV. App is available on  Google Play Store.



This is video editing tools is user friendly and  Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Free.  With the help of this, different parts of the video files can be cropped.  Also, many video files can also be interlinked.  It also supports audio files such as dot wm and dot mp3.

The software has been designed to edit MPG, WMV, FLV and Army video files.  Another feature in this is a movie clip, with the help of which you can select a specific part of the movie and edit it.  It supports Windows XP.


Wonderfox (Free)

It is a free software that will enable you to convert video files to the desired format. Guidelines associated with the video converter on the website may prove useful to you. It is HD video converter, in which you will get the output video without watermark.

Supports mp4, MOV, MKV, MPG etc.files.  There will be a facility of converting a video to more than 200 formats as well as an audio converter.  With its help, you can download HD videos and music from over 250 websites.

If you want, you can also do basic editing in the video.  The specialty of this software is that you can also convert normal video to HD.This above  software from the Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Free also supports Windows, iOS and Android etc.


5 highest Earning channels


5 Highest earning Youtube Channel


1. Place Toy Review: It is the highest-grossing channel on YouTube, hosted by seven-year-old American child Ryan. The channel grosses $ 26 million.

2  Dude Perfect It is based on sports, run by five American people.  Earning  is 20 million dollars.

3  Anastasia Radzinskaya earn 18 Million US dollar

4  Rhett and Link earn 17.5  Million US dollar.

5. Jeffrey Star: This channel of American Jeffrey Star is associated with makeup and beauty.  It grossed             $ 17 million.


How to Grow  Youtube Channel?



If you want to grow your Youtube channel that you need to upload a video daily basisYou have to use all of the above Best Video Editing Software for Youtube Free to editing for any rework.

Make your video for a Single Keyword specific or Single Topic better to create it with Hashtag (#)

See the Popular video on the Youtube try to try to make a similar video that is a viral one

IF you want to grow your audience and Connected to your Subscriber than give reply to their comments or Based your audience demand make a specific video that your audience wanted to know

Always tells the audience the importance of the video what content you are going to offer in the end it will increase audience retention

Try to make video Longer than 10 minutes and lesser than 20 Minutes

Always  ask your viewer to subscribe your channel and press the bell icon to get the alert of Your video when released on youtube

Also, Promote another video in the “i” button  given in the top right corner in your youtube video

In this way, you can promote your other video also.

At the End always your Human emotion in the thumbnail (Thumbnail is the Cover page of your video ) for Higher CTR ( Click through Rate)

Here all the topic Best video editing software for Youtube free give you complete information about video editing software for youtube.

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