Highest FII holding IT stocks in India

Are you looking in search for the highest FII holding IT stocks in India? then look no further; we will take you around the dynamic terrain of India’s IT stocks.

One cannot help but be attracted to the stories sewn into the fabric of these technical behemoths. These are more than simply businesses. They are the builders of India’s digital revolution, visionaries who dared to dream beyond boundaries.

Highest FII holding IT stocks

Computer Age Management Systems (CAMS)

When you consider the heartbeat of India’s financial infrastructure, you will see CAMS arranging the rhythm. They have been the quiet power driving mutual funds for nearly a quarter century, a guardian of financial data dancing through virtualized realms.

CAMS is more than simply a firm; it is the keeper of financial legacies, the keeper of the numbers that define dreams. Despite the guardian’s rollercoaster of fiscal ups and downs, one of the highest FII holding IT stocks controlled 38.61% of it as of September 2023, demonstrating its worldwide attraction.

Beginning the fiscal year 2022–23, the corporation achieved a noteworthy 7% increase in net sales, portraying a vibrant picture of the endurance and marketability of India’s IT stocks.

However, in navigating this fiscal voyage, the corporation encountered its fair share of difficulties. A significant increase in costs threw a brief shadow on the balance sheet, resulting in a 1% decrease in net profit. This decrease, however, is not a misstep; rather, it demonstrates the company’s persistent persistence in the face of financial ebbs and flows.

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Coforge, a product engineering pioneer, creates fascinating stories of worldwide transformation for its clients. It breathes life into enterprises, guiding them smoothly towards digital and high-growth frontiers with a remarkable combination of cloud, integration, and automation skills.

Its resonant heartbeat emanates from 26 distribution centres spread throughout 21 nations, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, and Australia.

Coforge’s products are a sophisticated tapestry of innovation, bolstered by strategic collaborations with industry titans like Microsoft, AWS, Google, Pegasystems, Appian, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Duck Creek.

Coforge not only creates a powerful presence but also neatly spreads its impact into retail, healthcare, hitech, manufacturing, and the public sector, sculpting a worldwide footprint.

In FY23, the symphony of prosperity crescendos to a billion-dollar song, a mesmerising 22.4% increase in constant currency. The signing of eleven huge transactions, including multimillion-dollar projects, paints a vibrant picture of riches within this lavish performance.

Continuing this financial symphony, income rises by 24.56%, rising from Rs. 6484 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 8077 Cr in FY23. Meanwhile, net profits gradually climb from Rs. 715 Cr to a harmonic Rs. 745 Cr throughout the same period, like a romantic whisper of the progress of India’s IT stocks.

Coforge shines as a beacon of international investment as of September 2023, embraced by the 2nd Highest FII holding IT stocks with 34.36% share. With 4.09% and 1.36% ownership, respectively, Small cap World Fund and JP Morgan Funds contribute to this enthralling narrative.


A worldwide powerhouse was formed in the Infosys tech tale in 1981, led with Mr. Narayan Murthy and a team of visionaries. Infosys grew from humble beginnings with its first client, Data Basics Corporation, in New York, to relocating to Bangalore and established its first international office in Boston in 1987.

This journey culminated in 1993, when the company became public, converting it into a beacon of innovation in more than 56 nations. Today, Infosys orchestrates several platforms, such as Edgeverve and Infosys Polycloud, with revenue stories originating predominantly in the financial services and insurance industries, creating a compelling picture of cooperation and effect.

Revenue streams from North America and Europe cascade like a global symphony, with melodies from India and the rest of the globe thrown in for good measure.

As of September 2023, the emotional fabric of Infosys is held by foreign institutional investors at 33.59%, demonstrating worldwide faith in its narrative.

Participants in this financial dance include the Government of Singapore and the Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund, which own a hefty 2.58% and 1.29%, respectively.

Their ownership reflects a collective confidence in Infosys, transforming it from a technological behemoth to a symphony of global brilliance and the pinnacle of the highest FII holding IT stocks.

Info Edge (India)

Since its inception on May 1st, 1995, Info Edge has been like a lively maestro directing India’s classifieds environment. It integrates online recruiting, real estate, marriage, and education services into a sparkling portfolio, much like a versatile artist.

With projects like as Naukrigulf.com, Naukri.com, the maestro of online hiring, not only dominates the local scene but also takes centre stage in worldwide markets.

In the sphere of marriage, Jeevansathi.com stands tall, while the Shiksha platform leads the educational crescendo. Consider 99 acres to be the vast stage on which India’s property market will perform.

Info Edge also wears an innovation cape, encouraging firms such as Zomato and PB Fintech. Despite economic turmoil that created a difficult canvas, Info Edge’s FY23 revenue increased by 34.94% to Rs. 2739 Cr. It suffered a heartbreaking loss of Rs. 70.45 Cr, demonstrating the ebb and flow of business endeavors.

Foreign institutions control 31.22% of Info Edge’s heart in the financial ballad, reflecting worldwide faith in its tale. Nalanda India Equity Fund and Government Pension Fund Global enter with 2.98% and 1.46%, respectively, adding emotive hues to the rich painting. In the area of the highest FII holding IT stocks, Info Edge appears as a tenacious and inventive storyteller from a business perspective.

In summary

Dive inside the realm of the highest FII holding IT stocks, where these firms are more than just numbers on paper—they’re the trailblazers driving India’s IT scene. It’s a journey full of growth tales, problems converted into successes, and a worldwide effect that extends beyond money.

Consider CAMS, Cyient, and Coforge not as businesses but as resilient entities that have withstood storms and emerged stronger. Their stories transcend financial sheets, showing the hard work and devotion of the individuals behind them.

So, as you read about Highest FII holding IT stocks, consider them not just as business stories but also as tales of human perseverance, inventiveness, and a global journey that’s touching hearts and creating waves in the digital world.

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