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What are the Unwanted content on the PC or Mobile?


Today’s Internet is full of content that is not particularly suitable for children. If you use a computer or smartphone at home.  So you will not be able to keep it away from children for so many days. The question comes to your mind that How to disable Unwanted content on PC or Mobile! So that children could not open the unwanted link.

Also, one cannot keep an eye on who is searching all the time, although there are some ways, with the help of which you can control the browsing, you can disable any website you want.  This can be done not only on the computer but also on Android smartphones.

Some times it happens that whenever you give your phone to your children for searching of some useful information.But children may search for information that is not appropriate.

Many times it also happens that smartphone search results will give so many options but unintentionally children may put finger or tap on some inappropriate content.

This is not good for your children only but also may hack your PC to open some of the insecure sites.

Not a Smart device comes with a smart lock or fingerprint scanner that only open once you allowed it to open.


How to disable Unwanted content on PC or Mobile?

On Windows PC

There is no need to download a separate application or extension to disable a website.  For this, first, you have to go to the computer’s drive and go in to address bar and by typing C:\Windows\System 32\drivers\etc. in the address bar above

One of the important key systems on the internet is the DNS system. For Example when you remember a name like into equivalent IP address name (

Just like you have DNS server to go to website similarly computer or PC have Host file which is used to store information locally. This Host file can be used to disable accessibility unwanted websites on the internet. Here are some of the best method to disable the website for window7 or window 8.

In addition, many files will appear on the window.  You have to select the host here.  By selecting the host, as soon as you enter, many menus will open in front of you and you will be asked in which program you want to open this file then Select notepad here.

Many things will be available when the host opens in Notepad, but you have to go to the bottom.  Here you will see localhost ( localhost) and :: 1 localhost (:: 1 localhost).  After this, place the cursor and enter it and you have to write a new line below it.  To disable a website, you have to give space by typing, then you will have to write the name of the website,!

If You want to disable then you can disable many websites by writing their name simultaneously, but keep in mind that every time the line has to be made new.  After the completion of the process, you can restart your laptop/Computer.

In this way, you can disable any website.  If you want to disable further then you have to delete that line written from the host page.


On Android Smartphones:

On Android smartphones, you cannot work by command.  For this, you have to take the help of a third-party application.  It has two types of applications.

First, there is a browser, in which you can disable a website within that browser only.

The second is antivirus software.  You can download the Safe Browser software to disable the website. After downloading, the menu option will appear as soon as you open it.  Here you have to create a password by going to Admin so that you can control browsing.

Now open the website you want to disable and go to the menu below.  The peacock type picture option will appear here, click on it.

Below you will find the option of the blacklist, you have to click on it.  In this way, you will be able to disable the website.

By the way, there are many antivirus software on the Google Play Store such as Trend Micro, Doctor Safety, and Kasperski, which feature website disabled.  If you want to browse from the Chrome browser itself, then you can take the help of this antivirus to disable the website.


Precaution about online what your child sees online about content

Before disabling the website or any step you would have taken to restrict the website. First, you need to talk to your child and explain the child about what he/she do not need to watch on the internet. Some of the things may not be appropriate for their age.


Tell about age limit and similar sites

Many websites and apps like Facebook and youtube have a policy for restriction age limit up to less than 13 years of age. You should talk to your child about the age limit. This will help your child to protect from inappropriate content.


To Explain Ground rules

This is the most important thing you should explain to your child explain do and do not about the website. Which website they should watch. Many websites like youtube have launched their website for kinds like youtube kids. Also, explain them to turned on while searching content on google safe search mode on. Also, fro youtube on Youtube safe mode.


Explain the Fake and real about the internet and website

Tell and explain to your child that not all things and opinions on the internet are true or real. Sometimes we use our common sense of what is real and what is fake.


Prefer storybook for conversation

Always explain to children about online safety while using the internet.


Always positive way to use tech tools 

To teach children about the role of the internet and technology in the different subjects in their studies.

Hope information about “How to disable Unwanted content on PC or Mobile!” help you to ascertain things

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