How to Unlock any smartphone Easy way!

How to Unlock any smartphone easy way ?  For security, it is a good idea to lock any device (Smartphone or Computer) by PIN or password, but if you forget the PIN or password of the device, then the difficulties are increased.  There are some ways, with the help of which an accidentally locked device can also be unlocked!By know to unlock your locked device may help you get back old device configuration.

After the introduction of fingerprint sensor and face-scanning technology, many users have started using this technology instead of PIN or password, but even today there are many users who use PIN, password, pattern lock, etc. for different devices.

If for some reason you forget the password or the children lock the device by entering the wrong password, you can still unlock it. Here are tips to Know to Unlock your locked device!

How to Unlock smartphone?

Each device has different unlocking criteria so that to unlock the device you need to follow certain instructions. Before unlock you device you need to assure that your service provider also works on same technology as the new phone does. If your phone work on both types of network CDMA or GSM then you can use your number with any service provider.

For iPhone: If you forget your iPhone password or If you are not opening up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via PIN, finger free sensor or face unlock, then in such a situation, to unlock the device you have to completely reset it

In this case, if you have not taken back up the data, then it will be difficult to get the data. Resetting in IOS is easy.  If you are unable to access the device, first connect the iPhone to the PC via USB, then open iTunes.  In this, you have to press several buttons and enter in recovery mode.  If you are using the iPhone X or above or for iPhone 8 or above, you will have to press and hold the Volume Up button and Volume Down button fast.  After this press, the side buttons until the recovery mode appears on the screen.


How to Unlock iPhone?

For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the side button and volume down button until the recovery mode screen appears.

If you have an iPhone 6S or an old phone, press and hold the Home and Top Side buttons until the recovery mode comes on the screen, after which you will get the option of reset or update.  Have to choose to restore option there then iTunes download software for your iPhone.  The process may take more than 15 minutes.  After the process is complete, the iPhone will exit the recovery mode.

Then you will have to restart your iPhone, connect with PC, and force restart.  After this, your phone is unlock.

If you have a backup, then you can get back up from iCloud or iTunes.  of recovery-related processes



How to Unlock an Android device?

Android device

If you have an Android phone and you are not able to open your phone in any way, then your Android device has to be hard reset. Although the device will be unlocked after this process, the apps and data will be deleted.  Although this process.  Varies for different models of Android phones.

If you are using a pixel device, then after turning off the phone, the volume down and power button will have to be held down.  Press and hold the button until the Android logo appears on the screen.  After that select the recovery mode using the volume button and select it with the power button. Then select Wipe Data / Factory Reset.  Although almost the same method would be used for other Android phones too, there is another easy way to recover Android devices – Google Find My Service.  For this go to the website .

Here, log in with the same Google account you used during phone setup.  After login, select your device here.  Then on the left side, the option of an erase device will appear.  After this process, all the data on the phone will be deleted.  However, you will be able to unlock your phone through this process.

If you want to unlock the android device without google account there are following option may be useful

  1. Factory reset your android device if you do not want to recover your data. A factory reset can be done by the press (volume up + Power key) and (Volume Down+Power Key).After opening the recovery menu factory reset your phone and clear the cache.
  2. With the help of Dr. Fone App: In this procedure, you need to install it on your computer and connect your phone to the computer. You get the option to select a screen lock. Here your data also protected.


How to Unlock Windows Device?


Comparing to iPhone and Android people are using windows phones very less. Those who are from the business community use it in large numbers. Here is the method of unlocking the window phone is given in short.

If you are unable to open the lock screen of Windows, then you can reset the password of Microsoft account with the help of another device, for this, you need to use Microsoft’s account page ( have to go.

Then you can start the login process from another device after that enter your Outlook email address and then to click on Forgotten My Password on the next screen.  Here the browser or password manager may make you remind your password.

But if it does not, then you can start the new password setting process.  However, you have to sign in to another Microsoft service (One Drive, etc.) with a new password.  Another option is to reinstall Windows.  If you have not backed up your personal files and data, then after this process all the data, s, etc. will be deleted. If you want to know the recovery options of windows then go to


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