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Benefits of Photo Editor Apps and Software

Photo Editor apps are good for you If you are doing  photography, but you do not know about photo editing tools, then you will not be able to do much creativity with photos.

There are many photo editing apps available for Android and iOS users these days, with the help of these Best Photo editor apps you can add the desired effects to the pictures.

19th August is celebrated as World Photography Day. Let’s know about some similar photo editor apps or applications.

With the help of Photo editor apps and software you can not only refine the image but also convert it into pics arts like picaso type .

Photography word is originated from greek word mean drawing from light and the word camera is originated from latin word which means dark chamber.First camera invented known as pin camera in the wth and 5th century.

Company name Kodak developed first manufacturing of largest photo graphic equipment in 1890.Also digital camera also first invented by Kodak Eastman in 1975.


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Best Photo Editor Apps and Software


Apart from Above benefits of Photo editor apps let us know about the one by one all best info about photo editor apps and how all of these all useful during the camera photography to image and creativity to the image.


Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop Express app can be a better option for photo editing. It works with both Android and iOS. In this, you get many options for editing like exposure, contrast, color editing.

If you want to do some different creativity with images, this Photo editor app can come in handy. Various types of filters can also be used in this. If you want, you can also make collages with its help. Blur can be used with advanced healing in this.

Also, features like spot healing and quick fix have also been provided, which will help in improving the image.



If you want to remove background from photo, then it is not necessary to have knowledge of Photoshop, but you can also remove background of photos with the help of photoleap app.

With the help of this app, you can apply a new background with the photo or you can also use effects etc. in the background.

This is a powerful photo editing tool, with the help of which you can try many types of creativity with photos.

It also offers features ranging from layers and ways to meet special effects, brushes, filters, fonts, tones, film, black and white, duo setup.


Adobe Lightroom

This is a kind of professional photo editing tool. You can improve light and color by importing ta photo. With a vibrating brush, you can easily remove any kind of stains on the photo.

It also offers a lot of customization options related to filters. Available for Android and iOS. Today on World Photography Day




It is also a great tool for photo editing. You will be able to use tools and filters according to the photo. It will also get tools like Cap, Tote, White Balance, Brush, Dealing, Vignette, Text, Lace Blur, Tonal Contrast, HDR Scape, Face Pose, Face Inhata, Black and White etc.



Prisma is one of the amazing photo editing tools for you if you are looking to convert yout photo in to arts pics. Prisma is very simple application to use for Iphone as well as android users.

One this app is lauchned from your smartphone or iphone you can first click photo through camera or select existing picture from smartphone.

With artificial intelligence powered filter technology this app convert your picture and crop in to 1:1.aspect ratio. Here User can convert picture in to image very efficient way.

How to convert Photo into video

Apart from Best photo editor apps above These days ‘deep nostalgia’ AI tool is becoming quite viral on the internet media. It is a tool based on Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to make videos of old photos along with coloring them.

If there are old photos of family members in the house, then with the help of this tool, you can convert them into videos. Anyway, still photos tend to deteriorate after some time.

In this case this tool can be of use. Let us tell you that Deep Nostalgia is a new AI based technology of ‘My Heritage’.

Let’s know how you can use it:


How to Make Animated Videos

In order to make Animated videos here You can sign up  Free on  My Heritage website to make video or color old photos

To make animated videos from  your photos go to Go to Now you can upload the file by clicking on Upload Photo.

When photos are uploaded Faces can be selected. After this the process of animation may take 10 to 20 seconds. Once Animated video in this process of make animated videos  is ready, you can play it and watch it!

After that click on the download video button, the video will be downloaded in mp4 format. From here, if you want, you can also share the video on Facebook, Twitter etc.

If you have already uploaded a picture on this platform, then you can see it in the section of My Family Tree.

Also, after selecting a photo in the My Photos section, when you click on an animation, it converts it to this video in the Make animated videos process.

The ‘My Heritage’ mobile app is also available for Android and iOS devices.


How to Color old photos

Here you get  a facility to color Old photos  ‘black and white’ photos. To color the photo https://www.myheritage. Go to com/in color and click on Upload Photo.

You can also drag and drop photos. It will automatically start color old photos as soon as it is uploaded.

You can then check the difference between black and white and color photos from the slide bar in the Color old photos  features.

Then the color photo can be downloaded by tapping on the download button. Apart from animations and coloring, the website also allows photo enhancements.

According to My Heritage, within 45 hours of the feature’s launch, more than one million photos worldwide were uploaded to the platform.

Above benefits of Best Photo editor apps including how to make animated videos and How to Color old Photos will help to explore the new aspect in to photography.

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