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Facts about digital footprint

Why Best Tips to protect Digital footprint on Internet(2021)? 32% user Maybe on social media by 2023, which was now  24 percent in 2018.68.8 crore are active internet users in the country. Here Best Tips to protect Digital footprint On Internet (2021) helps to understand facts about digital records and managing the same in social media.

There are close to 30.5 million Facebook users in the country, which is the highest in the world. It is expected to reach 44.4 crores in 2023. Apps like WhatsApp and Tik Tak are the most downloaded in India


These days the incidence of data theft is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, if you are more concerned about your online privacy, then ‘Digital footprint’ has to be deleted.  Although it is not possible to completely revive online presence, it can be reduced.

Usually, we use Google When we have to search for any information but have you ever searched yourself with your name, email address, and mobile number.  If you have not done it, you should try it.

This will give you an idea of ​​your digital footprint as to where your personal information is present.  Also, you will also know that the sites you never signed upon.  Your personal information is also present there.

A digital footprint is a trail of information that people leave during online surfing during online favorite apps, website visited, message sent, or communication devices. Also sometimes people making online transactions.

Anyway, because of the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we have all kinds of information online, which marketing firms, Cyber ​​Criminals can easily take advantage of.  In such a situation, reducing or removing digital records may be better to protect your own privacy.


Best Tips to protect Digital footprint On Internet (2021) | How to Remove digital footprints from the Internet

To Manage Digital account

Many times when you do online surfing, some websites force you to sign up for the website service.  It is common that after work, people forget where they signed up.  By the way, you may feel that you have only a few accounts, but when If you know the truth of this, it can be shocking.

I myself felt that I would have only 14-15 accounts, but when I checked, it was found that I have signed up on more than 120 sites so far.  In such a situation, you can seek the help of  Deseat Me ( to remove your online presence.

You can see how many services you have signed up for through your email address here.  Also, there are options to remove it.  However, this website only supports Gmail and Outlook.  For this, you will get the button ‘Get Started’ on the home of the website.

After this, you have to sign up with Google or Outlook. After giving some permission, it will be easy for you to delete the non-working account.  For this, we have to click on the ‘delete queue’.  For the account, you do not want to delete, click on the ‘Set’ button.

Some accounts may take more time to be completely deleted.  You have to remember that with the deletion of the account, the collected data and the account will be deleted forever. After the task is complete, you can delete ( account as well).Above methods will guide you to protect Digital footprint on Internet.

To Delete Manually digital footprint

If you want to manually delete the account, then the difficulty is that from the beginning till now you will not even remember which websites you have logged on.  However, you can take the help of email service for this, because when you signup, the website sends emails for information messages.

But it is also a problem that not everyone keeps this kind of email safe.  If you too have deleted these mails to keep the inbox clean, then the help of account killer ( or just delete me ( / just delete me /) site also.

It is easy to create a profile for the online service, but when you go to delete or close the profile, the associated instructions are rarely seen on some sites or the options of delete are in such a way that for the common user.  It is not easy.

The specialty of both these sites is that if you are not using online services and want to stop them, then you will get instructions related to deleting every service here.  It can also be searched by a direct link or service name.Here all the info to remove or protect Digital footprint on Internet.

How to Remove online information?

Have you ever searched for information related to on-your-own?  First of all, you can try with Google itself.  Search Google with your name and see if you are connected Where is the information.

After this, also search by email address and contact number.  Then enter the keyword i.e. your name and email address and search.  Maybe after this, you will see your name, email, address, jobs, current city, university, etc. information on some sites i.e. personal information related to you is available online, which anyone can easily find or acquire.

To reduce or completely remove or protect Digital footprint on Internet or records, it is necessary to remove it.  You can also try on Pipl Search Engine.  With its help, you will also be able to search your information on the dark web.  For this, you can also take the help of Pipl ( or Peak You ( site.This is mos advisable protect Digital footprint on Internet.

How To Control facebook post?

Many users have Facebook accounts for the past decade. It may be that in the early days you had a lot of posts you have posted the posts that you want to delete now, then Social Book Post Manager extension can help, which supports the Chrome browser.

With the help of this, you can delete old Facebook posts according to year, month, and text content, the company claims that it cannot track the information of the user or else.This ensure protect Digital footprint on Internet for facebook post.

Other than this, Now Facebook is going to bring a new feature, with the help of which users will be able to delete old posts easily.  For this, the company will update the ‘Manage Activity’ feature soon.  With this help, users will be able to delete old posts.

However, the user will have the option that they can archive their post or delete it by putting it in the trace.  Posts are available for 30 days in a trace folder.

How to Delete old tweets

You go to someone’s twitter account his tweet gives you his About Personality, Political Thinking, Personal Opinion, etc. It is easy to know, but your information is sometimes May be used incorrectly.

In such a situation, you can take help of  With the help of this service, you can easily delete old or special tweets. This additional step help you to protect Digital footprint on Internet.

If you tweeted something like that in the past years, today If the situation is not correct, you can delete it too.

Deleting 3200 tweets with the help of its free account. But with premium service, you will get many other Advanced features that will also be available.

It is used in personal and Business can be done for both.

Above is a complete guide for managing records that is Important to ascertain.

Stay alert for the future

If you want to reduce and to protect Digital footprint on Internet or records, then you have to be very cautious about what you are sharing online and do not want to see your personal information in the search engine, then operating your post or account in private mode may be a better option.

On Instagram, you can activate a private account by going to ‘Privacy’ under Settings, while on Facebook, go to ‘Settings and Privacy‘ and go to ‘Privacy Checkup’ also.

Here you can see who can see your post and how to keep the account safe. You can make the account more secure by going to ‘Privacy Short Cuts’.

When you go to Settings and Privacy on Twitter, you get the option of Privacy and Safety.  Here ‘protect your tweets will get activated which will give you more control over the safety of your tweets.

Hope above Best Tips to protect Digital footprint On Internet and a complete guide for managing record will help to control digital footprint on social media.

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