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Public WiFi best practices! – An Overview

Public wifi best practices! topic will give all detailed descriptions about public WiFi!Before using free public WiFi the question comes to our mind that Why Free Public WiFi Needed? as we have already personal WiFi at home. 

For the last many years the world has been going through a major phase of development in technology. If you consider every field of development. To achieve this goal internet has played a key role.

You can not imagine the world without the internet. As the internet is one of the top inventions of the world. Everyone appreciated the power of the internet to achieve the quality of life that it brings in to people’s life.

So as WiFi has adopted by people to keep the world on the path of growth for better than before every year. Here we will know how WiFi has transformed the public life Make people and smart devices to work more efficiently.


Advantages of Public WiFi

If you are looking for advantages of Free Public WiFi then Public sector or government sector public WiFi is a wonderful opportunity to connect the workplace in the cities. It makes cities smarter and efficient so that all machinery and communities for better services.

Some of the key development areas in cities like smart waste management, Smart lighting, Smart security work relying on cloud public WiFi structure.

Public WiFi brings closure to communities so those who can’t afford the internet will also connect to the internet. Also, Enjoy entertainment or study work.

Integrated Transportation with Free public WiFi makes it more convenient for people as it will provide better travel experience and get real-time information with transportation. Also better plan their route during their journey.

Furthermore, the study and statistics show that traffic generating by jamming of the vehicle on the road is a major problem. With the help of Free Public, WiFi drivers can find a better place for their parking lot. This will resolve congestion on the road. This Free public WiFi offers better connectivity to special parking sensors and mentions the user for the better available parking area.

Free public WiFi will bring huge transformation for the travel and tourism sector. During travel people always share their photos on social media and search travel information. Also as it become roaming free whether it will in national or international. Tourists will use the internet more and search for places to visit on their tourism destination. It become good for the economy of that country.


What is Public WiFi?  

As a Part of Digital India many, of the places are now offered Free Public WiFi facilities. Anything found in free will attract everyone, but every free item or convenience is not so secure.

In this era of the internet, we usually prefer to use free/public WiFi. The main reason for this is to speed faster than the speed mobile data received in WiFi.


Here is all about Public WiFi best practices and Other important aspects!


How does Public WiFi work?

Free WiFi or Public WiFi is a convenient way to access the internet just from any laptop or computer integrated with the WiFi device.Here all detail about How does Free Public WiFi work?

There has been thousand of hotspot around the world and is growing exponentially. Just because of easy to use and convenient does not mean that it is safe to use.

Most WiFi hotspots pose a real threat to your personal information. To know about security it is important to know how it works.

WiFi hotspot works on the same functionality as home WiFi.Wireless access points connect with computers and other WiFI devices with radio signals. This Hotspot WiFi access point device connects with the internet and connected with a router or server that regulates the public accessibility of WiFi.

Some of the Hotspot is free and some are paid. WiFi hotspot is available on the airport, library, college campus. school and other places. Also in the restaurant, hotel, and coffee shop may offer free wifi to attract customers.

Whereas the Cost of Paid WiFi varies. Some of the places require that you pay with a credit card and charge service to your smartphone carrier account. other places ask to pay to their counter for service and give you password to open the paid public WiFi hotspot.


what are the risks associated with using public wifi? public wifi security risks

In recent times, there will be public WiFi in all the railway stations or shopping malls. This public wifi service is free. But do you know that this public wifi free service can be too costly for you? If hackers have hacked your smartphone via public WiFi, then all your information can be accessed. Hackers can track all your activities.

Many of agencies warn that the Majority of WiFi hotspots are not safe. Your data is not encrypted and your data may be at risk when using such services.

Hackers can easily control Wi-Fi routers if they are not properly configured. They can ascertain what data you use. They may be tracking you through a fake shopping website.

Hackers know that finding a free Wi-Fi detector is easy. There is a lot of probability that when you are looking for a free Wi-Fi network, you can catch a hacker’s fake connection. 

Scammers get their connection with the most commonly used names. Such as CAFE_WIFI or WIFICAFE, now one of them is correct and the other is fake. It can not be identified until you get the original information. Which can be found mostly on posters or by the owner.


Public WiFi best practices? how to stay safe on public wifi

– To Know about Public WiFi best practices! here If you want to use free Wi-Fi, avoid going to those sites, where you have to give personal information. Do not give any bank account, support number, home address to any sites with free connection.

-Verify the network. The Free Wi-Fi site has an official login page on places such as airports and railway stations. If it does not appear then it is not what you are looking for.

-Surf the HTTPS websites only. Surfing is dangerous if the only HTTP is
-Antivirus saves the software, its job is to get into the system. Keep the firewall enabled. Keep a strong password.
-Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) It protects you in public Wi-Fi. Secure up to the starting point of the website.

Hope topic ‘Public WiFi best practices!’ may update you about secure and safe.

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