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Solana (SOL) Crypto good Investment

Solana Crypto Good investment or not is most discussed topic amongst the Crypto investor  after extraordinary success of Solana Crypto.After looking at bitcoin success in the recent year.Every one is searching about Solana Price prediction on the internet.

People are now a days searching for some other Cypto currency that is not only good but also provide good return on their investment.Because of its volatility crypto investor may see dramatic gain and heavy losses too.

After leading crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum ,Solana is only crypto currency that provided  good return on the investment in recent weeks.

Compare to Ethereum Solana has $0.01 per transaction cost for 50000 transaction per second (TPS). Not only this it can increase it hardware to reach 70000 Transaction per second for coming time.

What is Solana Crypto Currency?

Before going in to details of why Solana crypto provided good return on investment. We need to know what is Solana crypto currency and how it works.

Solana is working on blockchain platform and working on decentralized application.Solana having many similarity like Ethetreum and Cardano.

Open Source project Solana is designed and conduct by Geneva Foundation. Though many people ask question what is difference between Solana and Etherum.

Here are some basic difference between Solana and Etherum is that lower transaction fees and faster operation.

Solana is working on proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain as compared to Ethereum which run on Proof on work (PoW) blockchain.

This decetralised blockchain, programmble that is equipped with smart contract for running Defi application.


Solana Price Predictions ?

Many leading crypto expert are bullish on Solana because of some good reason.Developer of Solana continue to innovate and pushing it toward the growing crypto network.

Many expert are also predicted that Solana can touch more then $1000 in the coming years not only that people also predicted that it will outshine etherum in next few years.

Solana has outshine many crypto in term of market cap and coming in to top 5 crypto in this year.When many crypto currency lost their market value Solana gained the momentum countiue to grow wealth for its investor.

The main reason behind the extraordinary performance of Solana is that it backed FTX one of the main digital asset exchange.As FTX has started may of project Solana based.

Because of its lower transaction fees Solana also main choice of many leading investor including Polychain and Alameda research.

Also many of ace investor believe that Solana growth momentum continue and may be surpass ethereum in the coming years.

What are the Solana Supported Coins?

Many of the Coin which are supported by Solana like Chainlink ,Wave, The Graph,Raydium ,Coin 98,Oxygen and many more.


Does solana crypto have a future?

Solana is fastest growing crypto currency in 2021.Compare to other crypto Solana has provide multifold return to its investor.It makes Solana onw of the leading crypto currency in the world.

Because of its faster operation and lower trasaction fees compare to ethereum  make it more better crypto than etheruem.

With its unprecedented growth rate because of Defi and NFTs it good to investing in this crypto.

Is Solana Crypto price ethereum killer?

As explained earlier many crypto market expert predicted that the way solana crypto price rise in the recent year has the main reason why Ethereum can no way to counter the lower fees trasaction and faster operation of Solana.

Though Ethereum has upgraded to Eth2 has improved it speed compare to its earlier version has some advantage but compare to Solana it is not sufficient.

Because of its invention earlier than solana Ethereum based project are more popular as compared to Solana.As Etherum has improved its speed and trasaction fess compare to its preious version make it even betternow a days.

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