Best stocks under 100 Rs for long term:A Wealth-Building Opportunity

Finding the appropriate stocks to invest in may be difficult in the ever-changing world of finance, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Investing in stocks under 100 Rs for long run is a wise plan for those wishing to slowly increase their wealth. This post will take you on to find the finest stocks that match your financial objectives.

Understanding the Dynamics

Investing in stocks under 100 rupees does not imply sacrificing quality. It all comes down to choosing firms that have the ability to produce consistent long-term returns. Let’s get started on this money-making opportunity.

Best Stocks Under 100 Rs for Long Term

#1 Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd

Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd (BGPL) is a pharmaceutical behemoth that has been producing high-quality drugs since 1984. Their global reach is extensive, with suppositories and pessaries exported to approximately 60 nations.

They have five well-established production plants in Maharashtra and Daman, as well as an amazing sixth one in the works. Their gold-standard certifications from worldwide medical agencies such as EU-GMP, USFDA, and WHO-GMP set them apart.

BGPL is the market leader in anti-malarial drugs in numerous African markets, delivering a variety of Artemisinin-based combinations in a variety of formats.

They’ve even dabbled with herbal sore throat lozenges, and with their Funbact brand in the anti-fungal area, they’re going deeply into dermatology. Creams, ointments, and gels are on the way.

Bliss GVS recorded gross revenue of Rs. 752 Cr in FY23, a small increase from Rs. 747 Cr in FY22. Profits, on the other hand, increased by 2.32 times, from Rs. 23 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 77 Cr in FY23.

It’s worth mentioning that the firm had to bear a substantial Exceptional loss of Rs. 74 Cr in FY22, which significantly inflated the net profit results in FY23. If we exclude this loss from the calculation, earnings in FY23 would be 21% lower than in FY22.

So, in the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry, Bliss GVS is a brand worth examining for those looking for promising stocks under 100 Rs for the long term.

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#2 Radiant Cash Management Services

Radiant Cash Management Services, founded in 2005 and directed by Col. David Devasahayam, has had a remarkable journey. The firm swiftly extended its products after receiving its first contract from Deutsche Bank for cash collection and deposit services in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Radiant had expanded into vaulting services by 2006, and its activities had expanded into Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In 2012, they reached a critical milestone when they reached a daily cash pickup volume of Rs. 25 Cr.

Radiant won a lucrative contract from SBI to conduct cash pickup services for Indian Railways in 2013. Major banks on their customer list include Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, and State Bank of India.

Radiant handles a massive 500+ Cr every day with a fleet of over 750 trucks and services in over 5000 sites throughout India. Notably, their overall cash movement in FY23 was an amazing Rs. 1.57 Lakh Cr.

Radiant’s ongoing growth isn’t confined to financial metrics; they’ve increased their service network to 13,100 pin codes and are adding 166 more. Furthermore, their retail touchpoints increased by 27% to a total of 63,420.

The majority of their income (69%) comes from their cash collection and delivery division, while 18% comes from Currency Network Management.

Cash Processing contributes 5% and Cash in Transit contributes 6%, respectively. Radiant has shown excellent financial success, with sales increasing by 25% from Rs. 287 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 357 Cr in FY23.

The icing on the cake was a 64% increase in Net Profit over the same time, going from Rs. 38 Cr to Rs. 63 Cr due to margin expansion and lower borrowing expenses.

Radiant Cash Management Services’ success story not only demonstrates their financial competence, but it also provides as a motivating tale for individuals wishing to invest in stocks under 100 Rs for long term returns.

#3 -Navkar Corporation

Navkar Corporation is a major player in the Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Container Depots (ICD) industries. They’ve strategically positioned themselves with three facilities in Maharashtra and Gujarat, offering a variety of services such as cargo handling, private freight terminals, and even hazardous cargo handling.

Their fleet of 513 trailers, 32 forklifts, and 21 Reach Stackers enables them to handle 310,000 TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) every year. But it’s not only about transporting stuff; Navkar has a sizable storing capability, with space for 500,000 TEUs.

Their ambitions for expansion are fascinating. They have permission to build ICDs and Private Freight Terminals near Mundra and Northern Maharashtra, and a new ICD is now operational in Morbi Village, Gujarat. This facility can accommodate over 200,000 TEUs each year.

While their net income fell somewhat, from Rs. 456 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 450 Cr in FY23, their net profit increased. It increased from Rs. 67 Cr in FY22 to an astounding Rs. 92 Cr in FY23, thanks in part to a one-time gain of Rs. 19 Cr in FY23. Even after excluding this extraordinary item, their net profit increased by 9%.

As a result, for those looking for stocks under 100 Rs for long term, Navkar Corporation is a brand to look at in the logistics and container management space. Their significant presence and ambitions for development predict a bright future.

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#4 -Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd

Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd, founded in 1987, has emerged as a significant participant in the hotel sector. Mr. Sunder G. Advani and Mr. Haresh G. Advani, with over three decades of experience, founded the company and began their adventure with a 5-star luxury beach resort project in Varca, Goa, in conjunction with Ramada (U.K.) Limited.

This magnificent endeavour, now called as The Caravela Beach Resort, spans 24 acres and offers 192 rooms, 4 Suites, and 6 Villas, each with individual balconies overlooking beautiful gardens, a golf course, and the wide Arabian Sea.

They’ve achieved great financial progress. In FY23, their average income per room reached Rs. 17,500, a 13% increase from Rs. 15,585. They are certainly a favourite, with an average occupancy rate of 82.5%. The financial picture is much more stunning.

Their net sales increased by 93% from Rs. 52 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 101 Cr in FY23. The true eye-opener, however, is their net profit, which has reached an all-time high of Rs. 29 Cr, representing a staggering 3.4x increase from Rs. 7 Cr in FY22.

Advani Hotels & Resorts is a great long-term investment in the growing hotel business for individuals looking for stocks under 100 Rs.

They are an attractive alternative for potential investors searching for long-term prospects due to their exceptional record and extraordinary development.

#5- Menon Pistons

Consider Menon Pistons, Mr. Ram Menon has created and named after him. It began as an Engine Reconditioning unit, which is still operational today. This firm has not only survived, but has prospered over the last five decades.

They dug deep into piston manufacture, collaborating with Japanese specialists to become a leading provider of high-precision piston assemblies, Gudgeon Pins, Rings, and Auto shafts.

These are critical components for commercial vehicles, tractors, and heavy-duty stationary engines, principally supplying OEMs and the Engine Overhauling industry.

They also produce powertrain parts, engine valvetrain parts, hydraulic systems, high-precision turned parts, and precision machined castings. With a committed staff of 1,500 professionals spread throughout seven states.

Menon Pistons recently purchased Lunar Enterprise Private Limited, a firm that specialises in Precision Engineering Products. This purchase broadened their product offering to include CNC-turned parts as well as other precise automotive components.

In terms of finances, they had an extraordinary year in FY23, with net sales increasing by 19% to Rs. 252 Cr, up from Rs. 213 Cr in FY22. Their net profit was even more impressive, increasing by 24% from Rs. 19 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 23 Cr in FY23.

Menon Pistons is now an attractive stock under 100 Rs for long term investments, a firm with a rich history and a promising future.

In Summary

Investing in the top stocks under 100 rupees for long term is a wise strategy to increase your wealth. You may attain financial success by picking the correct stocks and holding them for the long term. Remember that investing involves risk, so do your homework and consider getting expert counsel when required.

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