Top Free Virtual Yoga apps for Beginners

Yoga is very important for a healthy body. On 21st June, Celebrated as world Yoga day. If you also want to learn yoga or searching for Yoga  apps for beginners, but do not know how to do it, nor do you have enough time and money to learn yoga from a trainer, then you can take the help of Virtual Yoga apps and YouTube channels for Yoga.

There are many Yoga and Meditation app apps available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for tech-savvy people, with the help of which not only can you learn about new exercises of yoga, but you will not even need an instructor In this Virtual Yoga apps for beginners and YouTube channels for Yoga.

Top Free Virtual Yoga apps for Beginners

Due to the negative news from time to time, people have started getting tired not only mentally but also physically. Problems like loneliness, depression etc. have also started increasing in people, but in these circumstances, regular ‘Virtual Yoga apps for Beginners’ can drench you with new energy.

With yoga, not only will you be able to remove anxiety through meditation app but you will also feel refreshed. However, it is important to know the correct posture while doing yoga.

If any help is needed with this Virtual Yoga apps for beginners and YouTube channels for Yoga, then there are many channels from which to try yoga from the basic level to the advanced label. These platforms will act as a ‘personal trainer’ for you.

Best Free Virtual yoga apps for Beginners | Top  Apps

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Daily Yoga-Fitness Yoga Plan & Meditation App for Yoga Beginners

Hundreds of different plans and postures are given. Step-by-step guides are provided during yoga so that you can do it easily. Even in a busy work schedule, doing yoga for a few minutes can help in staying relaxed.

The specialty of this Virtual Yoga apps for Beginners  and meditation is that it has given detailed information of more than 500 asanas of yoga.


It can be used for weight loss, relaxation, body detox etc. Along with this, updated HD videos of yoga classes and programs will also be available here. The good thing is that according to your convenience, you can choose yoga for yourself from a session of five to 70 minutes.

Here the guidance of an online coach can be taken for meditation in this meditation app

Down Dog

Down Dog is a new Virtual yoga app for yoga, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. When you come to practice on the yoga mat, you get a new yoga practice every time. So you don’t need to repeat the same type of yoga every time.


Here you get more than 60 thousand types of yoga exercises, that is, you can try the yoga practice of your choice. If you’re just starting out, start at level one. Here different types of yoga such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Surya Namaskar etc. can be explored. Apart from this, yoga exercises related to back strength or bank pain are also available here. It has six instructors to guide you.


There is an option to choose whose voice you like. There are 20 different practice topics you can focus on. It supports no languages.

5 Minute Yoga


Given today’s hectic work schedule, it is difficult for many people to find more time for yoga. For people who are very busy, ‘5 Minute Yoga App’ can prove to be useful. Its specialty is that you have a lot for yoga.


No need to devote much time. You can keep yourself healthy through just five minutes of yoga. Especially for those who are just starting to learn yoga, here is detailed information about various yoga asana. Clear pictures are given for each yoga asana.


Along with this, it has also been told how to do any asana. After five minutes of yoga, you will feel absolutely stress free. It has a timer function for effective yoga practice over a period of five minutes. The good thing is that each session takes less than five minutes.


 This five-minute yoga practice will help relieve office stress and relax before sleeping. By the way, if you practice regularly, then there is flexibility in the body.

Strength is increased, muscles remain strong and tension is reduced.

Glow Yoga & Meditation App


Glow is a daily online Virtual yoga app, meditation app and fitness app designed with the aim of making the body and mind feel better. In this, yoga can be practiced at home with the best yoga teacher in the world. Here you can practice yoga from the beginner level or you can also join the advanced class according to your need.

Talking about its features, there are different classes according to the level and experience. There is also an option to choose a personalized workout for yourself.

The good thing is that you can take live classes in real time with a Glo member. If you want, you can also save your favorite class here. Yoga can be practiced anywhere by downloading the classes.

It also provides instructions by professionals. Plus, it also has self-guided programs. You can also track your progress on Apple Watch. This app is for iOS users. You can download the app for free, but the practice will cost money.


Simple Yoga-Home Instructor


This is a free app that acts as a personal yoga instructor for you. It has six levels. The good thing is that each yoga asana is performed by a trained yoga teacher. Here you just have to select Yoga. After that you can do it comfortably at home.

Talking about its features, there is a routine of six predefined levels, which are of 20 to 60 minutes. In this, you will get yoga exercises from beginner level to advanced level. Video and audio instructions are also provided throughout the routine.

It includes more than 35 poses. Especially for those who want to practice yoga through this yoga and meditation app at home, it can be better for them. It can be downloaded for Android and iOS.


Learn yoga from youtube channels for yoga

In today’s era, yoga not only keeps you away from depression, but it also keeps you healthy. You can take help of youtube to learn yoga.

There is also a YouTube channels for Yoga by the name of ‘Swami Ramdev’, where there is a separate section for yoga, stay healthy and yoga poses and asanas according to diseases.

Through this, you can learn different types of yogasana techniques sitting at home along with this youtube channels for yoga that relieves diseases.

If you have not started doing yoga yet, then the videos on this channel can prove to be useful for you. Apart from this, Gayatri Yoga is also a popular channel. In this, there are many types of classes for people starting to learn yoga.

Gradually you can move towards intermediate or advanced yoga. The special thing about this channel is that the yoga classes here are about one hour long.

In this youtube channels for Yoga you get information about all types of yoga techniques. In this, you get a lot of options like Fat Burn, Weightloss, Wakeup, Bedtime, This Yoga etc., which can be tried according to the condition and convenience of your body.

Yoga with Edine is also popular on YouTube. You can choose yoga asanas according to the lathe, skill level, weight, back pain, neck pain etc. It is useful for every category of user, even for those who do not know yoga at all.

Here you have been given high quality videos related to yoga, so that you can easily learn and tie yoga asanas without the help of any trainer. It can be easy to practice yoga at home by watching these Virtual yoga apps  and  videos.

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